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Must Try Newari Cuisine 

The Himalayas and the busy streets of Kathmandu may be the first things that come to mind when you think about Nepal. However, did you know that Nepal also has a thriving and varied food culture? The cuisine of the Newar population in the Kathmandu Valley is among the most colorful and delectable of them. Together, we will discover ten Newari delicacies that will excite our taste buds and offer us a genuine taste of Nepalese culture. Join us on this tasty adventure of Newari Food.

1 Yomari

Source: Century Foods

Start your culinary adventure with Yomari, a sweet treat that’s as delightful to eat as it is to look at. Made from rice flour dough shaped like a fig and filled with chaku and khuwa.Yomari is traditionally prepared during the Yomari Punhi festival. The soft, chewy texture and sweet filling make it an unforgettable experience.

2 Samay Baji

Newari Food and Cuisine
Source: TasteAtlas

Dive into a platter of Samay Baji, a traditional Newari ceremonial dish that offers a perfect blend of flavors. This colorful assortment typically includes beaten rice (chiura), spiced boiled potatoes, black soybeans, boiled eggs, marinated meat, and various pickles. Every bite provides a different taste, making it an exciting dish to try.

3 Chatamari

Source: Century Foods

Known as the ‘Newari Pizza,’ chatamari is a rice flour crepe topped with eggs, minced pork, and a variety of spices. The crispy base and delicious toppings of chatamari will satisfy your taste buds whether you eat it as a snack or dinner.

4 Juju Dhau

Must Try Newari Cuisine and Food
Source: TasteAtlas

Juju Dhau, considered the “king of yogurts,” will fulfill your want for something creamy and sweet. Traditionally served in clay pots, this thick and delicious yogurt is a delicacy that you simply must try. It is a favorite among both locals and visitors due to its silky texture and inherent sweetness.

5 Choila

Source: Century

For those who love spicy and smoky flavors, Choila is a must-try. This dish consists of grilled and marinated buffalo or Chicken meat mixed with a blend of spices. Often served cold, it is a popular accompaniment to beaten rice and is perfect for those who enjoy bold flavors.

6 Kwati

Must Try Newari Cuisine and Food
Source: Wikipedia

If you visit during the Nepali festival of Janai Purnima, don’t miss out on Kwati, a traditional mixed bean soup. This nutritious and hearty dish is made from nine different types of sprouted beans and flavored with spices and herbs.

7 Bara

Source: Nepali CookBook

Also known as lentil pancakes. These savory pancakes are made from black lentil paste and can be enjoyed plain or with toppings like eggs and minced meat. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, Bara is a popular street food that you won’t want to miss.

8 Sapu Mhicha

Must Try Newari Cuisine and Food
Source: Wikipedia

Sapu Mhicha is a traditional Newari dish consisting of buffalo leaf tripe stuffed with bone marrow. This delicacy is usually reserved for special occasions and offers a rich, meaty flavor that is unlike anything else you’ll try.

9 Aila

Must Try Newari Cuisine and Food
Source: Royal Mountain Travel

Wash down your meal with Aila, a traditional Newari liquor. This homemade, distilled spirit is potent and flavorful, often enjoyed during festivals and family gatherings. Aila is typically served in small clay cups, and its strong, warming effect makes it an excellent drink to conclude your meal.

10 Wo

Source: Nepali Food Vlog

Wo is a thicker and fluffier variety of lentil pancakes than Bara. Made with ground lentils and spices, Wo is a great way to wrap out your culinary tour and can be eaten simple or with a variety of toppings. Wo is a mainstay in Newari households.

In The End

Each of these Newari dishes offers a unique taste of Nepalese culture and tradition. Whether you’re a foodie looking to explore new flavors or a traveler wanting to immerse yourself in local cuisine, Newari food promises an adventure like no other. So, the next time you want flavorful experience , be sure to try these ten Newari foods. It will also give us a deeper appreciation for the rich culinary heritage of the Newar people.

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