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Musical Times of Bhakta Raj Acharya

Having the courage to live a life for the second time. This time, Bhajan Shiromani is no longer with us. Bhajan means a type of music, and Shiromani means priceless jewel as his given title. Indeed, his musical voice is as invaluable as any precious gem in the music world. Here, I truly wanted to remember the musical times of Bhakta Raj Acharya. As many of us grew up with Satya Swaroop, ‘timro nashalu aakha ley malai maryo.’

His Journey

Born in Dhankuta, Nepal, and raised in the surroundings of Kalimpong, India, his musical career began in the 1970s. During this time, many Darjeeling singers moved to Nepal in search of safety and creative chances, setting the way for the rise of an enormous number of artistic talents. One such talent was the rare musician whose voice made jewels.
In 1973, he won the gold medal in the prestigious All Nepal Song Competition by Radio Nepal. This milestone marked the start of a career that would enchant audiences of all ages as he went on a musical journey that lasted over a decade until 1986.
Throughout his career, he recorded an incredible 450 songs, each displaying his mastery of melody and rhythm. In addition, he created about 25 to 30 original pieces, showing his variety and imagination as an artist.

His two sons, Satya Raj Acharya and Swaroop Raj Acharya, known as Satya-Swaroop, have continued his musical legacy.

His Mastepiece

While remembering the musical times of Bhakta Raj Acharya, we should not miss his songs. As his songs have touched the heart of every Nepali. Every Nepali emotion is in his songs, like Bhakta Raj Acharya mutu jali rahechha.

Bhakta Raj Acharya songs

  • Mutu Jali Rahechha
  • Jati Chot Dinchhau
  • Jahan Chhan Buddha Ka Aankha
  • Hajar Sapana Haru Ko
  • Maya Meri Sanjha Bani
  • Hajar Aankha Herne
  • Kohi Nagaros Prem Amar
  • Ek Din Maile Prabhu Sanga Sodhe
  • Priya Timro Muhara Ma
  • Mero Sadhana Ko
  • Sabai Behosi Nasha Piyera


  • Tan Man Bachanle
  • Ram Yahi Chhan
  • Rahenachha Mero Kohi Bhagawan
  • Jai Guru Ganapati
  • Ek Din Maile
  • Bhagawan Jeevan Nau
  • Bajirahechha Basuri
  • Durge Deu Bhakti Malai
  • Chadani Raat Ma
  • Kesh Le Nai Gheriyeki

The artist’s poetic phrases and beautiful melodies touch an emotion with audiences in each song. His songs are still loved and embraced today, a lasting testimony to his musical legacy.


After he lost his tongue to cancer, his desire to live was no longer. But he could live through the love of his wife and talented son. That also became possible through the musical continuation of his two gifted sons, Satya Raj Acharya and Swaroop Raj Acharya (known as the Satya-Swaroop combo). People’s overwhelming tribute to Acharya shows the power of his music, which stays alive in their imaginations. My respects to the musician and singer Acharya.

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