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Most Popular Sports In Nepal

Sports have always been a source of entertainment from the Himalayan craze of volleyball to the Terai craze of cricket. Today let’s have a look at the most popular sports in Nepal.

As I mentioned ICC craze in the entire nation, the football craze at FIFA, and all-around easily played sports volleyball. The national sports of Nepal.

They have since gained recognition as respectable professions that were once primarily viewed as sources of entertainment. In recent times, Nepal has witnessed substantial growth in sports, with athletes making their mark on the international stage. This transition from a casual pastime to a respected profession showcases the remarkable journey of sports in Nepal, highlighting the nation’s commitment to athletic excellence.

1 Cricket

Nepal Team in cricket field

Cricket has seen remarkable growth in Nepal, evolving from a relatively vague sport to a national passion. Nepal’s cricketing journey gained momentum with the country’s affiliation to the International Cricket Council (ICC) in 1996. The Nepal national cricket team has since become a prominent force in regional cricket, participating in events like the ICC World Twenty20. Cricket is played across schools and communities, inspiring a new generation of young cricketers. The sport’s popularity has led to the development of domestic leagues, providing a platform for local talent. Despite challenges, cricket in Nepal continues to flourish, reflecting the nation’s interest in the game.

2 Football

Football in Nepal holds a special place in the hearts of its people, making it the nation’s most popular sport. It’s not just a game; it’s a source of unity and national pride. The All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) plays a pivotal role in organizing leagues, tournaments, and development programs.

Nepal has both men’s and women’s national teams that compete regionally and on the international stage.  This sport has faced challenges, including infrastructure limitations and funding constraints, having a single international stadium ‘The Dasarath Rangashala and not being a football powerhouse globally, its spirited players and passionate fans have created memorable moments in regional competitions.

3 Volleyball


Volleyball is one of the most popular sports in Nepal, both as a recreational activity and a competitive sport. Nepalese enjoy playing this game in schools, colleges, and villages, often informally on grassy fields. The sport has gained organized recognition with the Nepal Volleyball Association (NVA) overseeing domestic competitions and development programs. Nepal fields both men’s and women’s national teams that participate in regional and international tournaments, earning respect for their competitiveness.

4 Kabaddi


Kabaddi, a traditional contact sport, holds a special place in Nepal’s sporting heritage. Popular in rural areas and during festivals, Kabaddi is deeply ingrained in Nepali culture. Teams, often comprising local supporters, compete in thrilling matches where a “raider” enters the opponent’s half, attempting to tag as many defenders as possible while chanting “kabaddi, kabaddi.” This sport encourages physical prowess, agility, and strategic thinking. In recent years, Kabaddi has gained organized recognition with leagues and tournaments at the national level. Nepal has also participated in international Kabaddi competitions, further elevating its status as a beloved and emerging sport in the country.

5 Basketball

Children in basketball

Basketball in Nepal has been steadily growing in popularity. It’s played at schools, colleges, and local communities across the nation. The Nepal Basketball Association (NBA) governs the sport, organizing domestic leagues and tournaments. While it’s not as popular as cricket or football, basketball has gained a following among the youth, with more Nepali youngsters taking up the sport. The NBA also promotes grassroots development and conducts coaching programs to nurture talent.

6 Table Tennis

School boy in table tennis

Table tennis, commonly known as ping pong, has gained popularity in Nepal as both a recreational activity and a competitive sport. It is played in schools, colleges, and clubs across the country. The Nepal Table Tennis Association (NTTA) governs the sport, organising national tournaments and promoting talent development. Nepali table tennis players have represented the country in international competitions, showcasing their skills and dedication. The sport has attracted a following, particularly among the youth, and is contributing to the growth of sports culture in Nepal.

7 Taekwondo

Taekwondo in Nepal

Taekwondo is a popular martial art in Nepal known for its high kicks and discipline. Many Nepali people practice it in schools and clubs. They learn forms, sparring, and self-defense techniques. Taekwondo also teaches values like respect and self-control, which are important in Nepal. Nepali athletes have done well in international competitions, making Taekwondo even more popular in the country.


In Nepal, there are lots of sports that have been around for a long time, and new ones are growing too. These most popular sports in Nepal are not only fun but also attract people, including tourists. When athletes perform better on international platforms, it brings fame to the country. So, it’s important to support and protect all sports, both the popular ones and the ones unique to the place or region, to keep traditions alive and make the nation proud.

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