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Monsoon in Nepal: Devastation and Disasters

The monsoon in Nepal started, and there were also disasters. Around 80 people have died due to rain and landslides in Nepal. Many people suffered injuries, and many more are missing. The country has been experiencing landslides and flooding for less than a month since the beginning of the monsoon. In addition to these, dengue is another risk that exists in Nepal during this monsoon.

Flooding from the Kankai River submerged approximately fifty houses in the rural municipalities of Jhapa and Gaurigunj. Tapugaun of Jhapa-1 was badly impacted, according to the Jhapa District Police Office. According to authorities, the affected individuals were moved to safer areas. As the weather gradually improves, residents who left their houses three days ago due to the flooding of the Chaudhar and Doda rivers in the Belauri municipality have begun to return, in Kanchanpur.

Monsoon in Other countries

Nepal is not the only country that is suffering from the heavy rainfall and flood. India and Bangladesh are also going through the same. The water level in Brahmaputra is rising due to the rainfall. More than 60 people have died since the middle of May in Assam, and in Bangladesh, around eight people died due to the monsoon. The water level in the river Brahmaputra is rinsing. The River has rise up to 6 feet to 8 feet, which is dangerous for the people around. Two days ago, the authorities warned about flood to the people living in the southeast of the nation to be on guard because the Koshi River. The River passes through both India and Nepal, was running over the danger limit.

In Conclusion

Over 80 people have died as a consequence of landslides and flooding brought on by Nepal’s monsoon, which has left enormous damage in its wake. As the weather improves, relocated people from Kanchanpur are returning, and flooding has submerged homes in Jhapa and Gaurigunj. Affected countries include Bangladesh and India. In Both the countries increasing water levels in the Brahmaputra River have resulted in about eight deaths in Bangladesh and over 60 deaths in Assam. Authorities have issued warnings due to the dangerous levels of the Koshi River. Dengue fever is another issue that Nepal has to worry about at this time.

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