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Maha Ashtami: The Eighth Day

On the ten-day-long Bada Dashain, today is Maha Ashtami on the eighth day. Today, people worshipped the deities Mahakali, Mahalaxmi, and Maha Saraswati on this day.
According to Vedic customs, this day of the Dashain festival is considered a unique day when Goddess Durga obtains strength.
On this day, people perform religious rituals at Dashain Ghars and armories and worship deities at various temples by sacrificing various animals. Mantras from the Durga Saptashati, Shrimad Devi Bhagwat, and Devi Stotra texts are also sung.

Devotees gather at several goddess sites in the Kathmandu Valley early this morning to worship and sacrifice goats and ducks. Worship is offered at many goddess temples nationwide, with goats, duck, and rooster sacrifices.

Dashain Ghars provides special Durga Puja worship and prayer ceremonies. Weapons, cars, and machines are also worshiped. Those who do not sacrifice animals substitute various vegetables and fruits for animals.

On this day, a special Kalaratri devotion is done in the Dashain Ghar of Hanumandhoka in the federal capital at midnight.

Myth Behind

Kali, the feminine symbol for the word “black,” is shown as having a dark blue complexion, untamed hair, and a protruding tongue (often with fangs). She often appears standing on top of her sleeping husband, Shiva. Kali can have 10 or 4 arms, each holding a different weapon, a severed head, a bowl to catch falling blood, holy objects of art, and symbolic gestures. She appears in a tiger hide skirt and a necklace made of skulls or human heads.

Kali’s origins go back to Durga’s struggle with the demon Mahishasura in Hindu mythology, especially the Devi Mahatmyam. Kali appears from Durga’s third eye when her anger turns her face black. Kali quickly dispatches two attacking demons before facing Raktabija, a demon that can replicate himself from every drop of blood that falls. In her rage, Kali consumes his blood, preventing it from reaching the ground and finally destroying Raktabija. The eighth day of Dashain is devoted to commemorating Kali’s victory over this monster.

In The End

The ten-day-long Bijaya Dashami make sure you celebrate joyously with your family. While celebrating this joyous festival remember to take care of yourself and your loved ones. May joy fill your hearts and great experiences fill your holidays as you celebrate this holiday season. Here’s to a happy Dashain and a wonderful holiday season!

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