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Made-In-Nepal Products

This new year 2080, check out some of these made-in-Nepal products. We are sure you won't be disappointed at all.

As we begin the new year, the demand for high-quality products on which we can rely remains high. The labels Made in China or Made in Nepal products cannot guarantee high quality.

Ultimately, the quality of a product should be represented by the product itself. Fortunately, Nepali businesses have recently demonstrated their ability by producing outstanding products that make us proud. The article tries to erase stereotypes about Nepali products and look into the untapped potential of Nepali businesses, showing their exceptional quality and clearing up any misconceptions.

By supporting local businesses and discovering the outstanding quality of Nepali items, we acquire top-notch products, contribute to the local economy, and create a better future for Nepal.

1 Goldstar

There’s no question that Goldstar should be at the top of your list when making Nepal shoes. Why, you may ask? This footwear business has existed since the mid-1970s and was Universal Group’s first and primary business. 

The group has established itself as Nepal’s top footwear producer through its brands Modern Slipper Industries Pvt. Ltd and Kiran Shoes Manufacturers. Goldstar Shoes has been committed to three main aspects since its inception in 1990: comfort, durability, and affordable.

Green Goldstar Shoes- Made In Nepal

Their characteristics have resulted in the developing of various items that serve everyone, from men and women to children and the elderly. Goldstar has earned a lot of credit for producing high-quality products on a budget.

So, if you’re looking for high-quality footwear that won’t break the bank, look nowhere else than Goldstar Shoes. Their dedication to comfort, durability, and affordability has brought them to the top of the footwear market in Nepal, and it’s time for you to see for yourself. Go Goldstar!

You can easily pick up these products by visiting several local retailers. You can also view and buy their products on their website, Instagram, and Facebook accounts. 

2 Mheecha

Mheecha has established itself as one of Nepal’s finest brands, connecting to many consumers while making a statement. They offer simple and long-lasting bags that may be carried everywhere. Their brand name comes from the Newari word for “pouch,” They were inspired by its simplicity, elegance, and resilience, which they have effectively incorporated into their goods.

The organization is committed to providing high-quality ideas and finished products. For a long time, Nepal has struggled with the disparity between local and export-quality commodities. Mheecha, on the other hand, is dedicated to preserving world-class quality in all its products, whether for domestic or international markets.

Mheecha- Wear Them

Every design created by the company follows the minimalist design approach. The products are reduced to their basic elements, with clear and simple content. Their product line includes backpacks, side bags, tote bags, and other items.

Mheecha takes satisfaction in designing and manufacturing all its products in Nepal. Each design is one-of-a-kind to the brand and is handcrafted in Nepal.

You can find their products on their website, Instagram and Facebook accounts.


Looking for fashionable, high-quality Nepalese clothing? Don’t look any further than LOGO! Their distinct and contemporary clothes designs are fitted to both men and women. They are made with a focus on quality and comfort. LOGO believes that fashion should always make you feel good and be an extension of your identity, and its brand embodies this belief.

As an ethical clothing company, LOGO is dedicated to empowering women, creating jobs, and improving lives in Nepal. They were founded in 1997 and extended to worldwide markets such as Malta, Cyprus, Vietnam, and Dubai. Still, its roots remain firmly rooted in Nepal. 

LOGO- Made In Nepal

If you want to update your wardrobe with distinctive and attractive clothing manufactured with a conscience, logo made in Nepal is for you. Shop their collection online to discover the ideal balance of style, quality, and ethical ideals.

You can shop for their products at any of their six stores in Bouddha, Jhamshikhel, Baneshwor, Dubarmarg, Dillibazar, and Bhaktapur. Browse their inventory and locate the perfect item for you at any of these locations. You can also view and buy their products on their website, Instagram, and Facebook accoMunts.

In The End

Finally, if you’re seeking high-quality, one-of-a-kind, affordable products, these Made in Nepal products will meet ethical criteria. Nepali enterprises have shown to be world-class competitors in everything from garments to shoes to bags and more. So, why not support these brands and try something new in the coming year? You might find something that lasts much longer than 2080. We’d love to hear from you if you have any ideas for new Made in Nepal products you’d want to see, whether they’re cars, shoes, or something else. Please leave your thoughts below, and let’s appreciate Nepali businesses’ innovation and inventiveness together.

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