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Laws around the world that may blow your mind!

Did you know that you could get arrested for merely frying a fish? You don’t have to call your lawyer now, so don’t stress. This is one interesting law that exists in Japan. You might get fascinated by reading these laws around the world. For instance, in Iran, it is illegal for a woman to drive or ride without a male relative or a professional licensed driver. Does it trigger your feminist mind? Well, be prepared for some more laws around the world that may blow your mind.  

Japan’s Fish Law

In Japan, you must get a license to cook a fish called “fugu”. Fugu is a type of pufferfish. You might know it for its toxic parts. Since it is poisonous, the chefs will have to undergo special training for cooking and serving this fish. So you might not want to live your sedentary lifestyle fishing and cooking such fish in Japan. Can you imagine someone saying, I need to get my fugu fish license? Mind-blowing law, isn’t it?

laws around the world that may blow your mind
source: notes of nomads

Dubai’s mind blowing public affection law

If you want to go on a vacation with your other half, Dubai might not just be a place for you. You’ve got to watch your PDA in Dubai! Public displays of affection, like kissing or holding hands, are a no-go and can land you with fines or even deportation, especially if you’re not married. So, be careful if you’re going to Dubai with your partner.

Singapore’s Chewing Gum Rule

Have you ever stuck your chewing gum at the bottom of your school desk? Well if you were born in Singapore, you might have been in trouble for that. Singapore has strict rules regarding chewing gum. You can’t buy or chew gum in public places there because the government wants to keep streets clean and avoid gum litter. Do you think other country of this world should have this law too?

South Korea’s Gaming Curfew

Are you a tired mother always trying to keep your children away from devices? Well, this law might excite you. Concerned about gaming addiction among youth, South Korea introduced the Shutdown Law. It restricts access to online games for minors during certain nighttime hours to promote healthier lifestyles.

laws around the world that may blow your mind
source: WIRED

France’s Email After-Hours Law

Tired of replying to the emails your boss sent? France introduced a “right to disconnect” law, requiring companies with over 50 employees to establish hours when staff should not send or respond to work-related emails. This aims to prevent burnout and promote work-life balance. So, did this law of France blow your mind?

Brazil’s mind-blowing Anti-Littering Law

Littering is illegal in many countries. But Brazil tops the list. In Brazil, littering can result in more than just a slap on the wrist. Offenders can face public shaming since Brazil’s this rule will force you to pick up trash in busy areas while wearing a sign that reads “I am a litterer.”

laws around the world that may blow your mind

Iran’s Women Driving Regulations

If you’re a hardcore feminist, you might not like this law. In Iran, they don’t allow women to drive motorcycles or cars without a close male relative or a professional driver. It has sparked a lot of debate about women’s rights and mobility in the country.

India’s Cow Protection Laws

In several Indian states, cows are sacred animals, so there are laws against slaughtering or eating beef. This reflects the cultural importance of cows in Hinduism and has led to debates about religious tolerance and dietary practices. This law might sound normal to Nepali but might be mind-blowing for the Westerners.

laws around the world that will blow your mind
source: britannica

Did your mind get blown?

There are many such interesting laws around the world. Most of these law has some rationale behind them but some of them might not just make sense to you. If you live in one of these countries, these laws might be usual for you. But anyone not residing in those respective countries might find them fascinating. So did these laws around the world blow your mind?

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