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Laphing: The Irresistible Cold Noodles of Kathmandu

If you love Kathmandu’s street food, then you must know Laphing. Laphing is a spicy and tasty inexpensive sack loved by everyone, from students to adults. Tibetan street cuisine that, once you try it, you won’t be able to stop eating.

What is Laphing? 

Laphing is just cold noodles with various fillings. Which, depending on how you’re feeling, you may either get dry or with soup. It was initially brought to the Kathmandu Valley and then spread throughout Nepal. And now it is also a popular dish in India.

Jhol Laphing

Laphing, formed from starch by steaming it, has a blander flavor. Next, it seasoned with various sauces and fillings, with the most well-liked being chow chow and chips. It is just what the Nepalese palate is looking for. 

The Origin of Laphing 

Laphing is a Chinese cuisine that originated in Tibet, as most people know. Unknown to most, “Laphing” is actually a combined term in Tibetan, where “la” denotes cold and “phing” denotes the dish’s jelly-like texture. It’s also the reason people serve it cold, earning it the nickname “cold noodles.” It is a Chinese food that found its way to Kathmandu through Tibet. People refer to it as liangfen and consume it in the summer in the northern regions of Gansu and Shaanxi. Unlike regular noodles, which are often thin and stringy, these mung bean strips are thick and transparent. Liangfen travelled from China to the Tibetan plateau, where it was transformed into laphing. Additionally After then, it was just a matter of time until Laphing arrived in Nepal. 

In Conclusion

Laphing is not simply a dish; it is the relationship that Tibetan and Nepalese people share with each other and a sign that we accept each other and are happily living in the same country. Additionally, it is acts as a reminder of the diverse cultural legacy that enhances Nepalese civilization. In addition to enjoying it’s wonderful flavour, people also celebrate the spirit of fellowship and togetherness that cuts across boundaries and promotes a sense of belonging in a multicultural country.

How do you like your Laphing?

With Jhol (Soup)

Dry Laphing


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