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Kushe Aaunshi: Happy Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a special day when we show our fathers how much we appreciate them.

It’s a day to express appreciation for all of their love and support. We also recognize the deep link that exists between fathers and their children.

Father’s Day is celebrated differently around the world. In Nepal, for example, it falls on a specified date in August or September. This day is also name as kushe aaunshi: happy father’s day. On this day, people pray for the health of their fathers and offer them presents to express their affection.

If you want to make Father’s Day extra memorable, you can bake a cake. Print the Father’s Day message on it or take your father out to a lovely meal. Even if you live a far away, you can send your father cards or gifts to show how much you respect him. On this day, a simple phone call and a discussion can mean a lot to your father. The most important thing is to express your affection and gratitude.

Kush is Kushe Aaunshi

This is known as Kushe Aushi, and it is very important in our culture. Its name comes from the significance of “Kush,” a sacred grass discusses in ancient literature such as the Shreemad Bhagwat Gita, Vishnu Puran, Arthaved, and Garud Puran.

The Kush grass taken on Kushe Aushi is needed throughout the year. It appears in Hindu rituals and Poojas in Nepal, demonstrating its significant significance in our spiritual traditions. Kushe aaunshi: happy father’s day

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