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KMC to Host Information Technology Conference 

In the upcoming Nepali month of Chaitra, the Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) will play host to an information technology conference. KMC has yet to announce the precise date of the conference.

The Goal

The goal of the conference is to provide KMC residents with simple, practical, and technologically advanced public services. This is according to KMC spokesperson Nabin Manandhar.     

The conference’s main goal is to find ways to combine innovation, cutting-edge technology, and cutting-edge thought through the conference. The goal also includes figuring out how to involve young people, stakeholders, and global communities.

The spokesperson conveyed that the KMC should develop policies, plans, and programs to institutionalize its achievements. It should aim to be a responsible, transparent, and responsive government while adopting new innovations.

He further mentioned that the recommendations obtained from the conference and the summary would contribute to the formulation of policies for the KMC to offer technology-based public services to its residents.     

KMC to Host IT Conference
KMC Office

Further Plans

The conference would ensure that digital inclusivity reaches the social sector, private enterprises, industries, and commerce sectors by promoting it at the policy, governance, and community levels.     

It was announced that interactive sessions with experts and stakeholders will be held during the conference. The objective is to share ideas and knowledge on how to use technology to improve operations and generate efficiencies.     

Additionally, a number of power-point presentations and panel discussions will be held on the subjects of government technology use. The uses include good governance and public service delivery, service seekers’ access to IT, relationships between the government, stakeholders, and public offices, and the use and growth of IT, among other things.     

According to the organizers, the event will provide a forum for networking among IT specialists, business owners, young people, and government agencies.


The information technology conference with KMC as the host, holds significant importance as it aims to deliver KMC residents accessible, practical, and technologically advanced public services. The goals set for the conference underscores its crucial role in shaping forward-thinking solutions for the community.

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