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Kichakbadh Mela, Jhapa

How many of you have read Mahabharata? OK, how many of you know the characters of Mahabharat? Do you know that one minister whom Bhima killed in their exile who was harassing Draupadi?

The local community proudly celebrates Maghe Sukla Purnima every year, honoring this event. To celebrate Kichak badh, which falls on a Saturday this year, Magh 12.

So, if you are near Jhapa, you should definitely visit it. There will be local artists displaying their unique items to curious tourists. It is also a great opportunity to meet the local Rajbanshis of Jhapa. Let’s look into the history and cultural significance of Kichakbadh Mela, Jhapa.

Historical Significance of Kichakbadh Mela, Jhapa

The term “Kichakbadh” is made up of two words: “Kichaka” and “Badh.” Sudeshana’s brother, Kichaka, was harassing Draupadi in their exile. Badh means to murder or assassinate. As a result, Kichakbadh translates to “Kichaka was killed.”

In the Mahabharata, Kichaka, also known as Keechaka, was the commander-in-chief of Matsya Rajya, King Virata’s kingdom. Kichaka was the younger brother of Virata’s queen, Sudeshna. He was renowned for his enormous power and bravery and defended Virata’s state from foes several times.
Kichaka was pressuring Draupadi to marry him, but she refused. Bhima discovered that Kichaka was harassing Draupadi and took action. He punished Kichaka by killing him.

Kichakbadh by bheema
Statue of Bheema killing Kichaka

Other Attractions

You should definitely pay a visit. It is to celebrate the Kichakbadh. Do not forget to visit Kechana, Nepal’s lowest place, which is near Kichakbadh. There are other attractions around the famous Kichakbadh Temple.
Two statues show Bhima’s slaying of Kichaka and a suspension bridge near the temple.

The temple premises have a children’s park and a small pond.
Visit local shops and restaurants to sample local cuisine, attend the Fair, and explore the jungle surrounding the temple.
You can also Enjoy picnics on weekends.

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