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Join the International Tourism Fair 2024 in Kathmandu, Nepal

The International Tourism Fair 2024 has start in Kathmandu, Bhrikutimandap, on June 14, 2024. The fair was organised to promote Nepal’s tourism on an international level. It’s a two-day fair. 150 entrepreneurs from 16 countries are attending the fair. Nepal, India, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, the Maldives, America, the Netherlands, Sri Lanka, China, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Bhutan—participated in this two-day fair. The purpose of the fair was to raise Nepal’s tourism industry’s profile internationally.

The director of Summit Event and Market, Bishnu Pandey, expressed hope for the fair’s impact on Nepal’s growth in sustainable tourism. Together with the foreign participants, all seven of Nepal’s provinces have stalls at the exhibition to highlight the nation’s varied natural and cultural landmarks.

International Tourism Fair 2024

Minister Tamang underscored the ministry’s diligent efforts to resolve tourism sector challenges. He also aiming to achieve the government’s goal of welcoming at least 1.6 million visitors this year. He emphasized collaborative activities with tourism organizations, citing sectoral development as crucial for advancing the nation towards success. As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world is Nepal. The government has already started to build infrastructure in the regions with a guarantee for tourism.

In Conclusion

At the 2024 International Tourism Fair in Kathmandu’s Bhrikutimandap, representatives from Nepal’s seven provinces and 150 businesses across 16 countries showcased the nation’s abundant natural and cultural wonders to a global audience. The event provided a platform for highlighting Nepal’s diverse offerings and fostering international tourism partnerships. The Summit Event and Market organized the fair with Minister Tamang’s dedication to cooperation and infrastructure development backing it, aiming to increase sustainable tourism and resolve industry issues. Nepal plans to host 1.6 million tourists, positioning itself well to utilize the travel industry as a catalyst for economic growth both domestically and internationally. Events such as the International Tourism Fair will further solidify Nepal’s standing as a top travel destination.

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