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Jin’s Return: The Excitement of the BTS Army

Our worldwide Handsome is coming back from his military service on June 12th, and armies are really excited to welcome him. Armies were patiently waiting for his discharge from the military, and now the day is near. Fans are all set to welcome Jin and show their love and support for him.

Who is Jin?

Kim Soekjin is also known as Jin, but his fans, who are known as the BTS Army, like to call him worldwide handsome. Because of his pure beauty. Jin is a member of BTS, also known as BangTan Sonyeondan, the popular boy band from South Korea. The BoyBand consists of Jin, RM, the leader of the group, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. He has also released his solo songs like ‘Super Tuna’ and ‘The Astronaut’, which were loved by his fans and appreciated by them.


In December 2022, he was enlisted for the mandatory military service in South Korea. Now he is finally returning home on June 12, 2024. He was the first member of his group to enlist in the military. Jin is the only one who has completed the service, and other members are still completing the mandatory service.

Future plans of Jin

The armies that won the raffle for Jin’s hug and hand shake event will be attending the event on June 13th. Attendees will be getting to hug or shake hands with Jin. He has also planned to release the solo album in the second half of the year. The rest of the six members have applied for a vacation so that they can all celebrate Jin’s military discharge. 

The armies are really excited for his return, and they are eagerly waiting for the reunion of the group in 2025. The BTS Army really loves them and wants them to reunite soon.

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