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Is Our Government Doing Enough to Tackle Climate Change?

Nepal ranks fourth globally in vulnerability to climate change, with avalanches striking the mountains and heatwaves scorching the foothills of the Himalayas. The gravity of the climate change challenge in our nation is undeniable. However, what steps is the Nepali government taking to mitigate this crisis? Are they doing enough? On Earth Day, with the theme “Plastic versus Planet,” it’s urgent to examine Nepal’s efforts to address climate change and the critical issues surrounding it. Share your views in the comments section.

climate change and plastic
Vegetagle selers make the polythene bag double as a customer demand to double the bag for strongness at Kalimati Fruits and Vegetable Market , the biggest market of such kind in Kathmandu Valley.

Banning Plastic

Since 2010, Nepal has been actively promoting the concept of a plastic-free zone. Measures include to ban on black polythene plastic bags, restaurants opting for plastic alternatives like straws, major stores like Bhatbhateni Supermarket offering alternatives to plastic bags, and the prohibition of CO2-emitting vehicles, among others. While the government has made admirable efforts to eliminate sources of environmental pollution, the question remains: Is it enough?

Many imported products, such as vehicles andPlanet heavy machinery, are accused of using tonnes of plastics to deliver safe products.

A tree that was chopped down by timber smugglers at the National Forest in Dhansar area, Rautahat, on Sunday, July 10, 2016. Source Photo: THT


Unpredicted erosion, landslides, and lowland flooding are major causes of deforestation in Nepal. Despite several attempts to fight deforestation, there never has been a complete success. Although community forestry and protected areas systems have played important roles in forest conservation efforts.
Additionally, the government has also prioritized private forestry. As many households in our country still have a primary source of energy as fuelwood. It is important to note that alternative energy sources should be widely available to reduce reliance on forests. Let us know in the comments what might be the alternate eco-friendly source of household energy.
Furthermore, public awareness campaigns highlighting the importance of forests and the consequences of deforestation are felt essential for effective control measures.

Problems and Challenges

Amidst many challenges as development through poverty. The major problem here is more important than the problems that our government should address in climate change. Some of the major reasons to look after climate change management include a lack of uniform understanding among ministries. Our development needs to cooperate and focus on similar goals through proper communication. This poor coordination among inter-sectoral agencies is suffocating.

Additionally, needs to be more studies, research, and basic data on climate change impacts exist. This led to the failure to integrate climate change into overall development. As limited institutional capacity, financial resources, and technology also play major challenges our government suffers.

Is Our Government Doing Enough to Tackle Climate Change?




Did you vote on the poll? Is Our Government Doing Enough to Tackle Climate Change? Through deforestation, banning plastics and CO2 emissions. Adapting eco-friendly is quite challenging through poverty. Nepal has the vision to eradicate poverty by 2030. Many challenges and problems are standing in the way.
On the other hand, adapting tradition without industrial invasion can also be swift changes if proper research and resources are met. What do you think?

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