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Interesting Facts About Chaitey Dashain

The second dashain of the year is here. It is celebrated all around the world. Mostly people from India, Bangladesh and Myanmar. Let’s know more about the last big festival of the year according to Bikram Sambat calender.

Last month we once again celebrate Dashain, Here are some interesting facts about Chaitey Dashain we bet you did not know.

  • It is thought that the actual Dashain festival usually takes place in April or May. They used to celebrate Dashain with a lot of meat and foods at this time. People used to have problems attending festivals because of weather changes. People were easily ill after the festival, and it was difficult to travel far during the summer days. As a result, people decided that the summer was not the best time to celebrate the Dashain festival. Then the festival was moved to Ashoj month — directly after the summer but before the chilly months.
  •  Chaitey Dashain has another name that is Spring Dashain.
  • It is a smaller version of the main Dashain festival, which takes place in the month of Ashwin (September-October) and is considered Nepal’s largest event.
  • People celebrate this festival Chaitey Dashain for over two days during the Chaitra Shukla Ashtami and Nawami tithis. 
  • It is almost the last festival of the year of Bikram Sambat.
  • Chaite Dashain is a festive that people celebrates all around the world. Chaite Dashain is a Navaratri celebration mostly in India, Bangladesh, and Myanmar. People in Kathmandu visit several Durga temples during Asthami. The following are the temples that peoples visits during the Dashain festival in Kathmandu Valley:
    • Guheshwori
    • Dakshinkali
    • Shova Bhagawati
    • Rakta Kali
    • Naksal Bhagawari
    • Maitidevi
    • Bajrabarahi,
    • Taleju Bhawani
  • People also visit the Bagalamukhi temple in Patan.
  • Dashain is also closely related to the epic story of Ramayana, according to ancient Hindu mythology. Lord Rama lives, 14 years of exile in the forest with his wife Sita and brother Lakshman. During this time, the demon king Ravana kidnaps Sita and carried her to his homeland, Lanka. Rama waged a war against Ravana with the assistance of Hanuman and his army of monkeys in order to rescue Sita. After a fierce battle, Rama triumphed and rescued Sita. Together with Sita and Lakshman, he returned to his kingdom of Ayodhya. The people of Ayodhya celebrate his triumph and safe return with great passion and magnificence, which people recognize with starting the Chaitey Dashain tradition. The day before Ram Nawami.
  • These interesting facts about Chaitey Dashain are something that is to remember always.

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