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Impact Of Esports On Nepalese Youth

Esports, like traditional sports, provide an engaging source of entertainment. It is increasing in popularity in today’s culture. Then, what is the impact of esports on Nepalese youth?

Captivating both participants and viewers with its never-ending thrill. Boredom is uncommon in esports, whether you actively participate as a player or observe. Furthermore, esports outperforms conventional sports regarding accessibility and inclusion, fully embracing diverse people. The esports sector has attracted an extensive following, turning it into a billion-dollar industry owing to its rapid growth pace. Esports is appealing to investors and individuals looking for new investment opportunities. In this article, let’s see the impact of Esports on Nepalese youth.

History Of Esports

Think again if you believe esports is a new phenomenon! Competitive gaming began on October 19, 1972, with the first video game competition. Participants competed in the game Spacewar for a year’s subscription to Rolling Stone magazine as the ultimate prize.

The popularity of esports tournaments skyrocketed in the 1980s. Notably, the Space Invaders Championship attracted 10,000 competitors, catalyzing video games to enter the spotlight. To really comprehend the evolution of esports, it is necessary to look into the numerous stages that led to its emergence. Let’s take a look back at the fascinating history of esports.

Revenue on The Global Market

The global esports market is expected to be worth more than 1.38 billion USD in 2022, indicating a significant rise. Furthermore, industry experts expect an even more fantastic figure, estimating that the global market income for esports might reach 1.87 billion US dollars by 2025. Notably, Asia and North America dominate the esports income landscape, with China accounting for over one-fifth of the market share.

Esports’ popularity and reach continue to grow, drawing fans worldwide. By 2022, 532 million people had tuned in to watch exciting esports tournaments. The trend is inevitable, as many passionate supporters are projected to join the ranks, excitedly following their favorite players’ achievements in their favorite sports. By 2025, esports is predicted to captivate over 640 million spectators, demonstrating the tremendous growth of this exciting business.

Nepali Professional PUB-G players

Esports in Nepal

Esports provides an incredible opportunity to participate internationally while being part of a passionate worldwide community that loves this thriving industry. Famous titles such as Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), Valorant, PUBG Mobile, and Free Fire are professionally played in Nepal, demonstrating the country’s expanding influence in the esports sphere.

Recognizing the enormous potential, the Nepalese government founded the National Esports Federation to promote and support esports nationwide. Esports, the fastest-growing sport globally and in Nepal, is still in its early stages, but the government has taken important initiatives to accelerate its development. Despite the difficulties encountered by business pioneers, esports has achieved great appeal among young Nepalese, offering profitable prospects to earn a substantial salary.

Nepal was represented at the PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021 by notable individuals such as Ajay Shrestha, Pemba Gyalzen Lama, Ugyen Lama, and Anjan Rai. Notably, Nima Tamang, a Nepalese PUBG Mobile player, is presently on the roster of Skylights Gaming. Nima won the PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021 – East on December 24, 2021, with an outstanding prize of $6,087.50. Without a doubt, he is Nepal’s highest-earning esports player.

With the increasing growth of esports in Nepal, it has become an excellent platform for young people to seek meaningful professions. The adventure has only just begun, and the future holds enormous promise for those enthralled by the world of esports in this dynamic Himalayan nation.


Finally, the impact of esports on Nepalese young cannot be underestimated. With government support and the exceptional successes of Nepalese players, the industry’s quick growth is thriving. Additionally and promising field in the country. Esports not only provides a venue for the worldwide competition, but it also gives profitable chances for young people to earn a good living. As Nepal embraces the global esports stage, it is clear that this dynamic business will thrive, motivating a new generation of gamers and pros. Esports has genuinely become an amazing weapon in influencing the future of Nepalese young, with its capacity to build community, passion, and achievement.

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