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How to write a poem?

Have you ever felt the rush of emotions when you read amazing poetry? Do you love reading poems? Do you also want to write poems? Writing a poem is like capturing a moment in time, freezing it into stanzas that resonate deep within. Poem is one of the most attractive form of literature. Writing poetry helps you in the adventure of self-expression and exploration. Whether you’re a seasoned poet or just stepping into the world of verse, this article will guide you on how to write a poem

Start writing everything down before starting your poetry journey

If you’re a beginner in a literature world, don’t pressure yourself. There is no hard and fast rule for writing a poem. To write a poem, you need to ace the art of expressing your feelings through words. So, if you’re trying to be a poet, you need to start writing everything down. Whether it be your daily routine, any new word you learned or any emotions you felt, just practice writing everything down. It will help you create a base to start writing poems.

how to write a poem
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Start with observation

Observe what’s happening in the world around you. People interested in literature often seek story in everything around them. So, explore the nature, feelings, emotions, human behavior. Now you have to calm yourself down and think about what you want to write about. Writing poems is not rocket science. That’s why, you don’t have to stress. You may start from the top, you can start from the middle or even the bottom too. Many poets first think about the quotes or lines they want to write and start writing by placing them in the middle or bottom. Start writing free verse poetry if you are a beginner.

Pick the type of poem you want to write

Writing free verse poetry is easier than writing other forms of poetry. But as a poet, you might want to explore the other forms too. You can always experiment with various structures. Write haiku, sonnets, limericks, ode, concrete poetry, acrostic. There are many other structures to experiment with.  People generally like reading short poems. So try to express more with a few words. Make sure to divide your poems into stanzas.

how to write a poem
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Pick the topic of your poem

Picking the topic can be very confusing for you. The topic of your poem shouldn’t be very long. It should depict the abstract of the poem you’re writing. On the other hand, it should create a hooking and interesting factor for the readers. Many poets write their topics after they’ve written their poems.

Include elements of the poem

Try to include the elements of poetry not because it’s a compulsion but because it helps improve your poem. Try to use imagery, metaphors, similes, etc. Select a tone for your poetry and the emotion you want to evoke. You can always start writing in free verse. But experimenting with rhymes, rhythm, alliteration, and assonance is important for growth.

Play with words and language

Your poem will be attractive if you know how to play with your words and language properly. There’s no limit to how you want to use the words. You can create your phrases and quotes and develop their meaning. Or you can even leave your poem open for interpretation. Many poems are interpreted in different ways by different readers. You just have to know how to play with your words.

how to write a poem

Read your poem aloud

The key to writing a good poem is that the readers should be able to connect with your poem. You should read your poem aloud from time to time so that you’ll know which line can grasp the reader’s attention and which line isn’t that attractive. After each line you add, read your poem aloud.

Additional tips to write a good poem

Your poem needs to be deep but understandable. Don’t get tangled in complex vocabularies. To make your poem resonate with deep emotions, you should rather focus on using verses that the readers can interpret. It should not give detailed information but also should not confuse the readers. You may write short poems or long poems. People usually enjoy reading short poems because it requires less attention span. But if you’re confident you can hook the readers, you can write long poems. Just make sure to make it as interesting as possible.

Using imagery, similes, and metaphors can help you express your feelings better. Your poem should hook the readers. Repeating the verse that you think is the most important for your poem can also make your poem attractive. Sometimes the poets or any other writers use the same line for the beginning and the end of the poem or other form of literatures. It also helps your poem attract the readers.

how to write a poem
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In a nutshell

You don’t have to be an expert to write a good poem whether it be free verse poetry or structured ones. Anyone good with words can be a poet. Just start writing about anything, enjoy the writing process, and go with the flow. The key to writing a good poem is to enjoy writing the poem. If you enjoy writing your poem, readers will enjoy reading your poem. Don’t think about how to write a poem, there’s no hard and fast rule. Just pick up your pen, and portray your imagination, emotions, and feelings through words. And establish your name in literature world.

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