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How To Renew MeroShare Account Online

Do you need to renew your Demat account in Nepal online, including your important Mero Share Account? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the correct place. This article is going to walk you through the process of how to renew Meroshare account online, assuring the safety and preservation of your assets and shares. Let’s go through the method together.

As you may be aware, it matters to renew your Demat account every year in order to keep it operational and maintain a healthy relationship with your stockbroker. Fortunately, by following these simple steps, you may easily renew your Demat account online.

This process of renewing a Demat account with Mero Share consists of three simple steps. You must first log in to your Mero Share account. Then go to the “Renew” section. Finally, select your preferred payment provider and finish the renewal fee payment. Please follow each of the steps mentioned below for a more comprehensive knowledge of the process.

1 Log In Your Account

The first step is to log into your Mero Share account and provide your Registered Member details, including your login and password.

2 Go to My Profile

After successfully logging in, go to the upper right corner of the Mero Share site to see your profile name. The expiry date for both Mero Share and Demat accounts and the account creation date can be seen under the “Own Profile” tab. In addition, a “Renew Account” button will be displayed.

3 Select payment Method

At this point, you must select the payment method you will use to pay the renewal charge. You currently have five choices: eSewa, Khalti, Prabhu Pay, IME Pay, and Connect IPS (NCHL). For your convenience, you can use any of these payment sources.

4 Continue Payment

  1. Let’s suppose you select esewa
    • Select eSewa as the payment method.
    • Choose the account(s) you wish to renew, whether it’s Demat or MeroShare, or both.
    • Click on the “Proceed” button to redirect you to the Merchant’s website.
    • Log in to your eSewa account using your eSewa ID and Password.
    • Enter your user details and click on “Continue Payment.”
    • You will then receive a Successful Payment message indicating the completion of the transaction.

5 Require Charge

The renewal charge for both DEMAT and MeroShare accounts is Rs. 150. To be more specific, the fee for MeroShare is Rs. 50 (Fifty Rupees), and the fee for DEMAT is Rs. 100 (One Hundred Rupees).

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