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How To Be A Daraz Seller? 3 Easy Steps

Daraz Nepal is a part of the global e-commerce giant Alibaba Group. They offer various products, from modern technology to trendy clothes and chic home décor. Daraz Nepal is ideal for showcasing your items and building your business. They have millions of potential buyers visiting the site every day.

It is simple to become a verified Daraz seller. You may start selling your products to buyers across Nepal with only a few simple steps. 

You’ll have access to various tools and resources as a Daraz seller to help you succeed. They offer seller training, marketing and promotion assistance, and a commitment to assisting their sellers in reaching their full potential. So, what are you waiting for? Continue reading this article and learn how to be a Daraz seller in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Get Logged In

If you want to become a Daraz seller, you must first log in and set up your business on the platform. 

Go to the Daraz website and select the “SELL ON DARAZ” option. You will be redirected to the Daraz seller login and begin registering. Enter your phone number or business cell number not used for another account to create an account. 

You’ll receive a Time Password (OTP); input it into the form after receiving the password by SMS. 

Then you are logged in to the Seller Registration Form, where you can enter your personal and business information.

Sell On Daraz website

Step 2: New Seller Verification

To start your journey as verified Daraz seller, you must supply some basic information about your company. These include your store’s name, an email address that you can access, and the phone number that you registered with. 

You must provide your business address and show the shop location in Nepal. Remember that to sell on Daraz Nepal; you must have a PAN or VAT-registered seller.

In addition, you have to provide your bank account information, which you can use to handle payments for any orders placed through the platform. 

Finally, upload and specify which products you intend to sell on the website.

By supplying these details, you will be well on your way to starting your store on Daraz. This startup will help you reach millions of potential clients throughout Nepal. So, why delay? Begin the process today and be a Daraz seller to take your business to the next level!

Required Data

Step 3: Pack The Orders!!!

Congratulations on becoming a Daraz registered seller! After you have registered, the Daraz team will start the onboarding process. That involves verifying the address, business information, and bank information you have provided.

You’ll also attend a seller training session as part of the onboarding process. You’ll learn more about properly selling on the platform and expanding your business.

After verifying your information and completing the training session, the Daraz team will send you your first packaging materials, allowing you to begin packaging and shipping your products to customers. The best part is that you can order extra packing materials as needed, so you always have what you need to keep your business going efficiently.

So, prepare to embark on an exciting new journey as you know how to be a Daraz seller in 3 easy steps and take advantage of the platform’s incredible opportunities!

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