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How Can We Support Men’s Mental Health?

Did you know that Mental Health America (MHA) and the International Men’s Health Month website recognize Men’s Mental Health Awareness Month in June? However, different countries may recognize it at different times. For instance, the United Kingdom observes Awareness Month in November, naming it Movember. 

Understanding The Concerns

Despite progress, the stigma surrounding men’s mental health persists. Many men and boys still feel societal pressure to hide their emotions and “man up,” perceiving them as weaknesses. However, mental health conditions are health issues that require attention, just like a physical ailment. Seeking therapy should be as normalized as visiting a doctor for a broken arm.

The Statistics

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, women report more disorders than males. However, this gap may be due to men being less likely to speak up about it. In 2021, only 40% of males with mental illnesses received help.

Moreover, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that in 2021, the suicide rate among males was nearly four times higher than that among females, with men constituting almost 80% of all suicides. Men also have a higher tendency to misuse substances as a coping mechanism instead of seeking help.

Supporting Men Year-Round

While Awareness Month is crucial, it is essential to address men’s mental health throughout the year. Encourage open conversations with the men in your life, letting them know it is okay to seek help. It often needs more funding and prioritization, which can make accessing help challenging. Raising awareness in the workplace or at school can have a huge impact.

Source: MindSet Healthcare

In The End

Men’s mental health remains a serious issue that requires continual care. We can overcome the stigma and encourage men to seek help by supporting awareness months, engaging in open talks, and lobbying for better mental health treatment. Remember, having such issues does not decrease one’s manhood. If you or someone you love is struggling, there are many options available to provide assistance and guidance. You’re not alone.

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