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Holi: Festival of Colors Begins

 The Holi festival of colors begins in Basantapur, Kathmandu, on Sunday. The traditional installation of the ‘Chir’ pole marks the start of the colorful celebration.

The vibrant festival, known as the festival of colors, kicked off with the bamboo pole decorated with vivid strips of cloth. Traditionally, after Holi, people gather pieces of cloth from the Chir and place them in their homes. Locals believe it brings good luck.

This year, the festival falls on March 24 in hilly districts, including those in the Kathmandu Valley. And on March 25 in the Tarai/Madhesh region.

Holi, festival of colours begins
Source: (The Rising Nepal)

So are you ready?

The festival officially starts in the Kathmandu Valley and across the country when members of the Manandhar community install the Chir—a bamboo pole adorned with colorful cloth tiers—at least a week before the full moon day in the month of Falgun.

Local resident Tirthalal Tandukar states that the placement of the Chir signals holi, festival of colors begins.

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