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History of Sindhuli Gadhi

Have you ever considered the fascinating history that runs through Nepal? How our identity is shaped over time by the battles fought and victories won? Let us now take a trip back in time to explore the fascinating History of Sindhuli Gadhi.

Sindhuli Gadhi

The historic location of Sindhuli Gadi is a monument to the determination and bravery of the Nepali people, known through the famous Battle of November 1767. In the peaceful surroundings of Sindhuli District, history comes to life as we follow the courageous Gorkha Army’s march in achievement against British force. ​​Located approximately 150 kilometers from Kathmandu and at an elevation of 4,648 feet above sea level in the Sindhuli district, the fort is already a popular tourist destination in central Nepal.

The Heroic Battle of Sindhuli Gadhi

The tale of Sindhuli Gadhi stands as a monument in our history, demonstrating the dedication and creativity of our Gorkha Army under King Prithivi Narayan Shah during the period of unification.And to advance his goal of unification King Shah, strategically ringed the Kathmandu Valley and enforced an economic blockade. The king of Kathmandu, Jaya Prakash Malla, therefore asked the British forces in India for assistance. The East India Company agreed to support Malla King because it was in their best interest to maintain the freedom and openness of Sindhuli Pass. The Sindhuli Pass served as a crucial trade route to Tibet, China, and the Valley kingdoms.

With their powerful army of 2,400 soldiers and modern weapons, the British forces expected an easy win over us.But the truth turned out to be very different. In the face of a more powerful enemy force, our Army, under the direction of two outstanding leaders( Bir Bhadra Upadhyay and Banshu Gurung) realized the value of using unconventional tactics. We transformed the challenging surroundings into a tactical advantage by utilizing their in-depth knowledge of the area. As we were able to use our familiarity with the terrain to our advantage by defeating the British forces.

Unconventional Tactics Used

We used a range of unconventional warfare tactics that caught the British troops completely off guard. From elevated positions, we ​​threw rocks and unleashed a barrage of arrows, supplemented by our skill of khukuri. Utilizing the natural resources to our advantage, we used Stinging Nettle Leaf (Sisno) and unleashed hornets upon the unsuspecting enemy. 

In the End

Sindhuli War Memorial Day honors the courageous warriors who sacrificed their lives defending their country. We honor the unwavering determination of our ancestors and reaffirm our commitment to upholding Sindhuli Gadhi’s legacy for future generations. Sindhuli Gadi is a Historic place which needs to be known by all of us.

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