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Hidden Momo Places in Kathmandu

It is like everyday trouble to go through to choose what to eat for lunch today. We have created hidden Momo Places in Kathmandu to order or dine in. 

 Before we start, know some of the facts about Momo. The term ‘Momo’ is derived from the Tibetan term ‘mog mog.’ Momos were traditionally prepared entirely of meat, particularly yak meat because vegetables were uncommon in Tibet’s cold, hilly highlands. 

 But nowadays, we have varieties of Momo available in every corner of Kathmandu. It has become a popular choice of lunch, brunch, and dinner for many Nepali. If we could, we would not even mind having Momo for breakfast. So, let’s look into the list of hidden momo places in Kathmandu that you can order online.

1 Khaarlyoom momo, Sukhedhara

Source: @foodnomics

The big and mouthful momo has been popular in Sukhedara for many years. Its peanut-thick achar is to die for. You can only order this Khaarlyoom momo from the Foodganj app or their website. The only drawback of this restaurant’s momo is there is only steam momo available for 5 Momo fillings. You can find veg and paneer momo options for vegetarian lovers and buff, chicken, and pork filling available for nonvegetarian lovers.

2 Aambo Momo, Thahity

Source: @aambomomo

This new momo king in town really keeps up with the name. Their momo really makes your reaction ‘aamboo’ both before and after trying their food. Their branch in Thahity Chowk is quite small for dine-in, so you can also order online through the Foodganj app for cooked momo. For frozen momo, you can order from the Daraz, Thulo, Foodganj app, or their website. For this restaurant, Their only drawback is their momo is only available in Steam. They have three fillings available: vegetable, chicken, and pork. And their achar is unique and perfect to their taste. A definite to go for.

3 Delicious Momo, Jamal

Delecious momo
Source: @Blurrdiet

There is nothing that goes wrong with Delicious Momo at Jamal. This place is simply one of the greatest destinations for Momo Lovers to get tasty Momo. Momo’s shape and size are quite satisfying. Momo minced beef, known as Kima in Nepali, is delicious. Try this cafe for delicious momo. They not only offer momo but also offer different Newari cuisine. Their wide range of food variety is available in the Foodganj and Bhoj Deal apps and also on their website.

4 Mechung Restaurant, Bouddha

The perfect blend of Tibetan and Nepali taste momo. Their best is not only their simple and elegant tasteful momo but also other Tibetan cuisines. Thulo momo is something you should try for. They are online and available in the Foodmandu app. They have a wide variety of menus, and you should definitely get a taste of their food. There is no minimum order on the apps condition.

In the End

There are definitely more hidden momo places in Kathmandu to explore, but the price of one plate of momo will make you question your choices. The cost of momo is no joke in today’s market. The price of one plate, i.e., ten pieces of momo at an average high-end restaurant, is a minimum of Rs. 300-800. An average middle-class person with decent earnings would also think before spending that much on one meal at least once a week. So choosing the right mouthful momo to enjoy once a week is no joke. With this list to help you go through 4 weeks of momo. We will be back with more food to try out. Let us know in the comments which food you would like to try, and we will make a list to try out from.

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