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Haritalika Teej 2080

On Bhadra Shukla Tritiya 2080, Hindu women celebrate Haritalika Teej by glorifying Lord Shiva, fasting, and dancing. Ganesh Chaturthi and Rishi Panchami are also observed as part of the Teej celebrations. Women fast on this day with deep devotion. It is to believe that the heavenly presence of God descends upon the Earth to bestow unwavering blessings and eternal wealth on their husbands and families.

Mythological Reason

Haritalika Teej’s mystical connection is with the Parvati story. In ancient times, Parvati, the Himalayan daughter, underwent great devotion to please Lord Shiva as her husband. Her initial efforts, however, were futile due to an error between her penance’s approach and schedule.

According to legend, Parvati seeks the advice of Lord Vishnu, the Sustainer, believing he possesses the knowledge necessary to assure the success of her penance. In turn, Vishnu methodically coordinated fasts, rituals, and methods to assist Parvati in attaining Lord Shiva. According to Hari (Vishnu), Parvati’s unflinching devotion and strict fasting eventually led her to recognize Lord Shiva as her beloved husband.

Haritalika Teej is a tribute to Mother Parvati’s 108 years of penance in her search for Lord Shiva. Such discipline is no longer asked of brides and grooms in modern times. Nonetheless, it serves as a reminder that cultural restraints, economic differences, and materialistic attitudes hamper many love tales. May love and the feelings of lovers always find justice in this world, thanks to Mother Parvati’s unfathomable grace.

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Nepali women celebrating Haritalika Teej

Initiations Of Celebration

The origin of this celebration in Nepalese custom can often be credited to the historical practice of “sati pratha.” During the sati period, women had to self-immolate with their husbands. In such difficult conditions, their only option was to sincerely pray to God for their husbands’ longevity, as this was the only way they could postpone the dreadful act of self-immolation known as “sati.” 

Although nobody really knows how the celebration started, was it Parvati of Sati? In today’s time, it is about the celebration of a happy and prosperous marriage. It is about Nepali women celebrating being Nepali women and the least we all can do is clap and have fun. 

Have a wonderful day celebrating being a Nepali woman. Happy Haritalika Teej 2080!! 

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