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Happy Nepali New Year: It’s 2081

Finally, it’s the New Year. May this year bring you joy, prosperity, and luck. Furthermore, may it be your best year yet, filled with growth and opportunity. Let’s embrace the challenges ahead and strive to do our best. The middle of April is when people celebrate the Nepali New Year, or Naya Varsha. The date differs; it can be from 12 to 15 April. The Nepali lunar calendar pinpoints the precise day, which is the first day of the month of Baishakh

How to celebrate the new year

In order to welcome the new year, people typically organise a big feast, visit temples, decorate their houses with beautiful flowers, and make sel roti for their loved ones. In different parts of Nepal, the new year is celebrated a bit differently, but what is common is love and happiness.

New Year and Overseas Nepalese.

Nepalese living overseas don’t simply celebrate Nepali New Year; they deeply feel a bond that brings back memories of family, hometowns, and cultural heritage. It’s a day that crosses boundaries and brings people together to celebrate and remember our common resilience and identity.

Bisket Jatra

On the first day of Baishakh, people celebrate Bisket Jatra. Despite the fact that Bisket Jatra and Nepali New Year are unrelated, people sometimes mix them up since they fall on the same day. The residents of Bhaktapur passionately celebrate the festival of Bisket Jatra, which lasts for eight or nine days. They transport a massive chariot to Khalla Tole with the assistance of hundreds of people. It was constructed next to Bhaktapur’s Nyatapola Temple and houses a statue of Bhairava.

In conclusion 

Making Sel roti, decorating the house, going to temples, and having parties are all part of Nepali New Year’s celebrations. It’s a time for Nepalese people, both at home and abroad, to reconnect with their cultural heritage and celebrate together. Bisket Jatra, coinciding with the New Year, adds excitement with its colorful festivities. It’s a time of unity, tradition, and shared memories, marking the start of a new year with hope and happiness.

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