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Guess Who Am I?

Football is not only a sport but also a powerful social and cultural phenomenon, Guess, who am I?

This sport is capable of inspiring and bringing communities together. It promotes teamwork, discipline, and physical fitness, while also providing entertainment and thrilling moments for spectators worldwide. Given this strong interest in the beautiful game, it’s time to put your knowledge to the test with an easy football quiz.

This includes football multiple-choice quizzes, and basic football guess, who am I Questions, in a simple style. Prepare to enter the world of football trivia and see how far you can advance in this fascinating quiz game!

I have played with Cristiano Ronaldo and  Lionel Messi. I scored against France in the World Cup Finals. Who Am I?

Kylian Mbappe

Julian Alvarez

Paulo Dybala

Di Maria

I am the only player to have won the Champions League with 3 different clubs. My nickname for football is the Professor. Who Am I?

Clarence Seedorf

Cristiano Ronaldo

Lionel Messi

Gred Muller

I have played with Van der Vaart, Gareth Bale, and Ji-Sung Park. I have scored over 100 premier league goals. Who am I?


Son Heung-Min 

Sergio Aguero

Cristiano Ronaldo

I missed a penalty in a European Final for my country. I still play for my hometown club and won Club Player of the Season on 20/21 and 21/22. Who am I?

Sadio Mane

Zinedine Zidane

Bukayo Saka

Roberto Carlos

As a kid, I started out as a goalkeeper. I have won four Premier League titles. I will leave Manchester City at the end of the season. Who am I?

David Silva

Nicolas Otamendi 

Sergio Aguero

John Stones

I’ve won back-to-back PL titles, but not with the same club. I have also won the World Cup. I signed a new five-year deal with Chelsea in November 2018. Who am  I?

Olivier Giroud

N’Golo Kante

Jesse Lingard


I only assisted once in my Premier League career however it was the most important assist of that season. I am a Journeyman known for my troublemaking antics. Who am I?

Luis Suarez

David Luis

Wayne Rooney

Mario Balotelli

I’ve achieved every possible award in football. I won the Golden Ball and World Cup in 2022,  cementing myself as the GOAT. Who am I?

Cristiano Ronaldo

Kylian Mbappe

Karim Benzema

Lionel Messi

I scored the premier league’s fastest ever hat-trick and I am from an African nation. Who am I?

Sadio Mane

Didier Drogba

N’golo Kante

Mohamed Salah

I am the only goalkeeper to score a winning goal in the premier league. Who am I?

Emiliano Martinez

David de Gea

Alisson Becker

Iker Casillas

Looks Like Someone Here Is Just Like Me. No worries

OK, you are almost a genius here.

Look at the face of ‘know it all’.


“Well done on Guess Who am I, Football quiz!” We hope you enjoyed this tour of basic football questions and answers and learned something interesting.We hope that this experience has inspired and sparked your interest in football. Thank you for taking this quiz with us, and we hope to see you again in the future for more fascinating quizzes!

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