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Fusion guitarist Shahi honored by St. Xavier’s College

St. Xavier’s College, Maitighar, celebrated its annual ‘Survaahini: A Musical Bliss’ event on Wednesday. The college honored renowned fusion guitarist Anil Shahi with the ‘10th Father Eugene L Watrin Memorial Cultural Award’.

The event featured remarkable musical performances, including a fusion of Indian classical music. This included Western elements by Dr Neepa Chaudhary and Sudesh Subedi from the Fusion Roof Band.

Fusion guitarist Anil Shahi, known for blending classical and contemporary guitar styles over his 25-year career, emphasized the importance of preserving classical music in Nepal. Shahi expressed concern about the limited number of classical music listeners in Nepal. He emphasized that with commitment and effort, it can be promoted both domestically and internationally.

The college also recognized Program director Sudhakar Pant and assistant Saurabh Sharma for their contributions to the event’s success.

The ‘Survaahini’ event began in 2005 to promote mainstream music and encourage classical music. The college presents the Cultural Award annually in memory of the late Fr Eugene L Watrin, a visionary educationist who established several educational institutions in Nepal, including St Xavier’s College.

The community knows Fr Watrin for his dedication to education and social work. He has taught and influenced many Nepalis who now hold decision-making positions in various sectors.

The event continuously aims to celebrate Nepal’s rich musical heritage and inspire the younger generation to embrace classical music and preserve it for the future.

Last year, the college honored veteran composer and lyricist Narayan Rayamajhi. Notable past honorees include Deep Shrestha, Bhaktaraj Acharya, Kunti Moktan, Shila Bahadur Moktan, Gurudev Kamatha, Nhu Bajracharya, Dr Dhruveshchandra Regmi, Premadhwaj Pradhan, and Shambhujit Baskota.

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