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Forrest Gump: A Beloved Cult Classic

Let us delve into the topic of fan favorites. One such movie released decades ago and evolved into a beloved cult classic over the years is Tom Hanks’ Forrest Gump. Forrest Gump, directed by Robert Zemeckis, portrays Tom Hanks as the lead character in this incredibly inspiring movie. The movie is about about a seemingly “stupid” young man and his journey of making the most of his differences. The work Hanks put into bringing the character of Forrest Gump to life proved to be a major hit. This prompted Forrest Gump to bag six Academy Awards, including the Best Picture award at the 67th Academy Awards, and later turn out into a beloved cult classic.

What makes the movie unforgettable?

This movie does a lot to show how a simple man like Forrest can work his way through the course of life influenced by the unsteady times of 20th-century America. This is as long as he sees himself as no less than those who bullied him for being dim-witted throughout his entire childhood. A big part of his endearing personality and willpower stems from the constant support of his mother. The movie itself has a light and feel-good tone. It also does its best to visually represent the world through the eyes of Forrest Gump. This allows the audience to empathize with him.

The main lead has a knack for getting things done in his own way and staying true to himself. Forrest is soon found to be an inspiration to the major public personas of the century. His good nature and rigid determination led to him leading a wonderful life on his own term. Thus, he ends up being a role model for many.

Forrest Gump

A heart-warming account of a colorful life, this movie, however, does not forget to play along with the darker aspects of life. Grief and sadness make for major plot points in the movie, brought upon by the process of loving and losing. The love Forrest holds for his childhood sweetheart Jenny, played by Robin Wright, and her attempts to overcome the struggles that arise with a history of sexual abuse is heart-wrenching at most.

The performances of Sally Field as Mrs. Gump, Mykelti Williamson as Benjamin Bufford “Bubba” and Gary Sinise as Lieutenant Dan in Forrest Gump are spectacular. These generously contribute a major part in turning this film into what it is- a beloved cult classic.

Reviews and Remakes

Forrest Gump garnered a lot of attention in its opening week. It then went on to gross $678M at the global box office. A Bollywood remake of Forrest Gump, namely “Laal Singh Chaddha” directed by Advait Chauhan released in 2022. This movie featured Aamir Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan as the counterparts of Forrest Gump and Jenny. However, the movie failed to impress the audience and did not do well at the box office despite being the most-awaited movie of 2022.

What did you think of Forrest Gump?

“I’m not a smart man, but I know what love is.” This quote is our personal favorite from this beloved cult classic. The main character is so endearing that we find ourselves laughing when he does and feeling deeply for him through the challenges he faces throughout the movie. The beloved cult classic is simply unmissable. 

What did our readers think of this movie? We would love to know in the comments section. Happy viewing and happy reading!

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