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Farmer’s Market at Le Sherpa

A farmer’s market is a venue where nearby farmers and producers sell to customers directly for fresh vegetables, handcrafted goods, and occasionally handmade crafts. It’s a place that encourages ties within the community and offers a marketplace for consumers to purchase goods made locally. A large number of farmers’ markets have sprung up all over the Kathmandu Valley. They have developed into a weekend gathering place for eating and shopping. One such popular and well-loved example of a farmer’s market is the Farmer’s Market at Le Sherpa located at Maharajgunj.

Le Sherpa Farmer’s Market

From 8.30 am to noon on Saturdays, Le Sherpa at Maharajgunj hosts one of the more well-known farmers markets. The best fresh quality producers from all throughout Nepal come together at Le Sherpa, and both locals and foreigners take part in the market. There are about forty quality-focused sellers showcasing their goods.

foreigners take part in the market. There are about forty quality-focused sellers showcasing their goods.

Farmer’s Market at Le Sherpa

The Idea

The farmers market’s concept was to connect Nepali producers of high-quality, freshly produced, healthful food products. Additionally, it serves as a venue for vendors to connect with potential customers and offer samples of their goods. Visitors come to the Farmers Market to take advantage of the wide selection of high-quality organic products available as well as the lively atmosphere and social gathering. The venue has grown increasingly popular in recent years. 

What to Expect

The farmers market has a wide range of locally produced cheese, fresh fish, artisanal bread and pastries, organic honeys, homemade pickles and jams, and meat products in addition to vegetables, fruits, and meat products. It’s one of the most varied collections of premium regional goods. There is always something for everyone here, which adds to the lively atmosphere along with the music, cool drinks, and good vibes.

Food Stall at Farmer’s Market

Every weekend, there seems to be a growing sense of a genuine food movement and good times at Le Sherpa. Le Sherpa’s Saturday market is a vibrant place to spend a Saturday morning. With the youngsters playing in the garden, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy breakfast with loved ones. You might also go grocery shopping once a week to get fresh and wholesome food. They also provide a large selection of cool drinks that are ideal for beating the heat.

You can gorge yourself on New York-style bagels, large momo, cold noodles, Newari specialties, Vietnamese summer rolls, Italian lasagna, caramelized onions, fruits, and other delicacies from local eateries located throughout the valley. They also have a wide range of herbal items, such as digestive-friendly herbal tea and barley juice. The neighborhood coffee from adjacent Nuwakot will not let you down if you’re a coffee aficionado. Along with offering wine, beer, and cocktails during happy hour, Le Sherpa also hosts a special breakfast at the restaurant.

Bottom Line

At Le Sherpa’s Farmer’s Market, you can enjoy the delight of discovering new and nutritious products. Because it opens on the weekend, you can indulge in a variety of fresh fruit and have a lovely and meaningful morning. 

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