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Facts About The Nepal National Football Team

When Nepal national football team have performed their best in AFC Asian Cup, let's explore the known and unknown amazing facts about the Nepal Nation Football Team.

The Nepal National Football Team, often known as the Gorkhalis on the international stage, is Nepal’s national football squad, which is managed by the All Nepal Football Association (ANFA). While the squad has never won a major international competition, it has a long history in football. Today let see the facts about the Nepal National Football Team. 

The Nepal National Football Team has had some famous players and coaches over the years, and has made considerable efforts to develop youth football in the country. In this post, we’ll look at some fascinating facts about the Nepal National Football Team, such as its international record, famous players, and recent results.

1 Formation

The Nepal National Football Team was established in 1951, shortly after Nepal was admitted to FIFA.

2 FIFA Standings

The Nepal National Football Team was placed 171st in the FIFA World Rankings as of September 2021.

3 The Highest FIFA Ranking

Nepal’s highest FIFA rating to date was 99th in February 1993.

4 Home Field

The Nepal National Football Team plays its home matches in Kathmandu’s Dasarath Rangasala Stadium, which seats 20,000 people.

5 International Honors

Nepal’s National Football Team has never won a major international competition. They did, however, win the South Asian Football Federation (SAFF) Championship in 2013.

6 Prominent Characters

Hari Khadka, Upendra Man Singh, Rakesh Shrestha, and Bimal Gharti Magar are among the most renowned Nepal National Football Team players.

7 Coach in charge

Abdullah Almutairi, a Kuwaiti football coach appointed in December 2020, is the head coach of the Nepal National Football Team as of 2021.

8 International first

Nepal has participated in four FIFA World Cup Qualifiers but has never moved past the first round. They have also taken part in the AFC Asian Cup Qualifiers five times, finishing third in the group stage in 1988.

9 Recent Results

The Nepal National Football Team has improved in recent years, reaching the final of the 2019 Bangabandhu Gold Cup and finishing as runners-up in the 2019 SAFF Championship.

10 Youth Development

With the formation of the ANFA Academy and the Nepal National Football Academy, ANFA has made efforts to improve youth football in Nepal, with the goal of identifying and training young football talent in the country. You can follow us for more football matches today in Nepal with our page.

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