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Exploring Nepal’s Traditional Game: Dandi Biyo

What is Dandi Biyo? How do you play? Are you ready to know about Dandi Biyo? Together, let’s begin the search to learn more about the hidden history of this traditional Nepali game.

For generations, people in Nepal have been playing Dandi Biyo. It’s all about skill, precision, and a whole lot of fun! We use a long stick called a dandi to hit a smaller stick, called a biyo which has pointed ends, and the aim is to send the biyo as far as we can.


Looking at the origins of Dandi Biyo it is an interesting journey through history. It started in the Nepali countryside many years ago and became a favorite game among villagers. Farmers made simple equipment by utilizing bamboo. Nepali youths mostly played it, especially during the 1980s and 1990s when there weren’t many modern toys available. Dandi Biyo, like many other local games, was created using tools and methods found in rural areas. Compared to modern games, Dandi Biyo is similar to Cricket.

How Do You Play?

Dandi Biyo is a multi-player game that requires two or more players to participate. In the traditional method, there is just one batsman and the others are fielders. A large hole in the ground is used for setting the biyo. The next step is to strike the biyo with your dandi, using it like a bat, and throwing it into the air like a ball. The catcher will be the next batsman if the fielders are successful in catching the biyo. But if the biyo clears the boundary of the ground we get a point. The fielders will attempt to toss the biyo into the hole while we try to throw biyo away from the boundary.Our turn is over if the fielder tosses the biyo into the hole. However, if it misses the hole, we must hit the biyo again to make it go a great distance and allow us to score.

Like this, we take turns hitting the biyo with the Dandi, trying to send it flying as far as we can. Also, all we need is a bit of open space and we’re good to go. Whether it’s our backyard, a park, or even a quiet street corner, as long as we’ve got room to swing your dandi, we’re set!

Let’s Play!

Grab your dandi, grab your biyo, and let’s hit the ground! It’s time to unleash our inner champion and experience the joy of this traditional Nepali game. In an era marked by rapid change and technological advancement, let’s try Dandi Biyo. It will take us back to the roots of our ancestors and will provide us with a glimpse of the 1980s-1990s.  Let the game begin!

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