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Evergreen Nepali Comedians

These evergreen Nepali comedians have left an unforgettable imprint on our hearts. It grows beyond their ability to make people laugh because their fame originates from their relentless efforts and dedication to their craft.

These fantastic people began on a route they enjoyed, turning their natural sense of humor into a lifelong career. These renowned comedians have blessed our lives, kindling joy and laughter. Every time their names are uttered, whether we are reminiscing about our youth or cherishing our childhood memories. Let’s look at the list of evergreen Nepali Comedians that have shaped the face of the Nepali comedy world.

1 Maha Jodi (Hari Bansa Acharya and Madan Krishna Shrestha)

The creative combination of Madan Krishna and Hari Bansha set off on a path that not only paved the way for numerous comedians but also left a lasting mark on the fabric of Nepali entertainment. They created a network of brilliant individuals. Their journey from humble beginnings provided them a platform to pursue their passions in comedy and acting. These beloved legends have crossed generations with their blend of social messages and amusing comedy dramas, earning a valued place in people’s hearts from all walks of life. Their great legacy bears witness to their limitless brilliance and unshaken dedication, earning them worldwide recognition and respect.

2 Jitu Nepal (Mundre)

In Nepali comedy, a young talent star sparkled brightly as he played the dynamic and flashy character Mundre in the popular series “Jire Khursani.” He captivated audiences with his youthful energy and undeniable appeal, carving himself into the records of comedy history. His captivating portrayal encouraged him to future cinematic efforts, where he appeared in several features and films. As fate would have it, he became indispensable to comedy blockbusters. His record-breaking and solidified reputation as a comedic genius. Today, he stands tall as the creator of his own laughter-inducing spectacular, “Mundre ko Comedy Show”. His show captivates audiences across the country through its broadcast on Nepal Television.

3 Deepak And Deepa Shree

Deepak Raj Giri and Deepa Shree Niraula, the beloved on-screen pair, have easily interconnected their way into the hearts of Nepalis of all ages. Their interesting presence has brought together the nation in admiration and ownership, from the youngest to the elderly. “Tito-Satya,” their renowned program, became a magnetic force, attracting every Nepali to its fascinating attraction. They skillfully combined social messages with a never-ending dose of reality-based humor. In each episode, their bond and their status as cultural icons. Their brilliance now extends beyond the tiny screen as they grace the silver screen. They are sparking a spectacular chart climb with a string of blockbuster films. Deepak-Deepa, a harmonic blend of talent and charisma, has left a lasting imprint on Nepali entertainment history.

4 Shiva Hari Poudel and Kiran KC

From starting out on the TV show series “Maha Sanchar,” alongside the renowned Maha Jodi, Kiran KC, and Shivahari Pudel went on a beautiful path of artistic exploration. They showed their incredible range and talent by immersing themselves in various roles across the silver screen. However, their partnership with the famed Jitu Nepal created the comedic masterpiece. “Jire Khursani” captivated Nepali viewers and skyrocketed to new levels of success. Today, these legendary actors have cemented their place as blockbuster movie actors in the comedy genre. Their appeal to audiences with their beautiful comedic timing and contagious on-screen presence. Their contributions to Nepali entertainment have been nothing short of remarkable.

5 Kedar Ghimire (Magne Buda)

Kedar Ghimire, widely recognized as the iconic Magne Buda, put the famous character to life on the famed show “Meri Bassai,” achieving such massive popularity that his on-screen alias overshadowed his identity. His fascinating stand-up performances resonated not only inside the limits of his own but also across worldwide stages, cementing him as a revered household figure. He has imprinted his place in the hearts of innumerable followers with a respected level of affection, his talent and charisma transcending boundaries to establish a cherished legacy. Kedar Ghimire, the personification of Magne Buda, has become a symbol of affection, synonymous with laughter, and a revered sign of artistic excellence.


As we reach the end of this amazing trip through Nepali humor through these evergreen comedians. We recognize the many outstanding comedians who have touched our lives with extraordinary skills. From the clever Sandeep Chhetri to the unique Wilson Bikram and the funny Narayan Tripathi to the captivating Rajaram Poudel and Sailendra Shimkhada, each comic has added its own flavor to Nepali entertainment’s rich tapestry.

Dear readers, we welcome you to express your ideas in the comments box below, providing suggestions for the next featured comedian. Let us enjoy the laughter and joy they have brought us, ensuring their legacies live on in our collective memories.

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