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Eid Mubarak

Eid is one of the biggest festivals that Muslims celebrate around the world with their family and friends. Eid al-fitr is celebrated at the end of the month of Ramadan, a month that is full of devotion to Allah.

How do Muslims celebrate Eid?

Muslims start their day with the special prayer called Salat al-Eid, held in mosques or on large open grounds. 

Muslims give to the less fortunate by giving Zakat al-fitr, or charity, before Eid prayers. To ensure everyone’s enjoyment, every capable Muslim must donate to charity for the feast. Typically, this takes the shape of necessities.

They celebrate Eid with their family and friends by visiting each other and blessing each other. And held a huge feast. 

Many Muslim communities organise special events, such as fairs, bazaars, or cultural performances, to celebrate Eid al-fitr together. These events provide opportunities for socialising, entertainment, and strengthening community bonds.

Why is Eid al-fitr celebrated?

Muslims around the world celebrate Eid al-fitr to mark the end of the holy fasting month of Ramadan. For Muslims, Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar, is a time for social gatherings, fasting, prayer, and meditation. Following this period, the joyous festival of Eid al-fitr, also known as the ‘Festival of Breaking the Fast,’ commemorates the successful completion of the month-long fast.

 During month of Ramadan, Muslims fast from dawn until sunset, restricting food, water, and everything else. They must not only fast during the month of Ramadan, but also practise self-discipline, ponder on their faith, and increase their devotion to Allah.

In Conclusion

Eid al-fitr is a joyous and significant celebration for Muslims around the world that marks the end of the month-long fast of Ramadan. It is a time of spiritual renewal, gratitude, and community. Through special prayers, charity, gatherings with family and friends, and festive dinners, Muslims express their devotion to Allah and gratitude for the blessings received during Ramadan. Eid al-fitr serves as a reminder of the values of compassion, generosity, and unity at the core of Islam. It also fosters a sense of shared joy and solidarity among Muslims across cultures and communities

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