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Eastern Region Tournament 2023: Nepal vs Thailand

On Eastern Region Tournament 2023: Nepal vs Thailand June 28, Nepal proceeds to semifinal achieving a record 225-run victory over Thailand.

From June 24 to 30, the Malaysian Cricket Association (MCA) hosted the men’s U16 Asian Cricket Council (ACC) Eastern Region event. Seven U16 teams from Nepal, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Maldives competed on Malaysian grounds. 

After a COVID-19 hiatus, the U16 pathway program returned earlier this year to strengthen junior cricket foundations. Nepal U16 secured their championship last year when they defeated Malaysia U16 in the final. 

The league is divided into two groups: Nepal, Malaysia, and Thailand are in Group A, while Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and the Maldives are in Group B. This competition is about more than simply cricket; it’s about unity, talent, and passion for the game.

Nepal vs Thailand

The Nepal U-16 team delivered a stunning performance in a thrilling show, achieving a record 225-run victory over Thailand. Today is the ACC Men’s Under-16 East Zone Cup. The high-stakes encounter occurred at Malaysia’s renowned UKM Cricket Oval, inspiring fans to admire Nepal’s amazing skills.

 Nepal chose to bat first after winning the toss, and their decision paid off. They launched a devastating batting onslaught, amassing a dominant total of 269 runs while losing eight wickets. Niraj Kumar Yadav was the main performance, scoring 74 runs in an exciting inning that included seven boundaries and six soaring sixes. Naren Bhatt also played an important role, scoring an undefeated 55 runs off 43 deliveries, including five boundaries.

Thailand’s U-16 batting squad struggled mightily in response, falling to Nepal’s tough and unrelenting bowling attack. The team struggled and could only generate 44 runs in 13.2 overs. Their struggle was shown by Santosh Yadav’s outstanding performance, in which he grabbed five wickets in 3.2 overs. Abhishekh Tiwari contributed two key dismissals, while Ashok Dhami gave solid support with three wickets.

This overwhelming victory takes the Nepal U-16 squad into the tournament’s semifinals, marking a watershed moment in their journey in the ACC Men’s Under-16 East Zone Cup. Their breathtaking performance demonstrated their remarkable talent and unwavering commitment and love for the game. As Nepal U-16 progresses, their victory is a credit to their hard work and sets the way for even more excitement and anticipation in the next matches.

Team Nepal Players

Deep Bhujel, Ashish Luhar, Kritik Kamat, Santosh Yadav, Pratik Pokhrel, Sagar Gaire, Niraj Yadav, Pratik Bhattrai, Abishek, Tiwari, Ashok Dhami, Rohan Shah, Sachin Malla, Suryanshu Koirala, Naren Bhattacharya

Team Thailand Players

Phanuwat Desungnoen, Ashirvad Narayan, Ratthasat Wanitchakham, Natpakhan Monotone, Suphanat Muang sai, Chanakarn Buajan, Sathawut Kanarsawa, Jetsada Yangsuay, Sutthimon Thongsom, Dauphin Fuangyotpinit, Dictaphone Chaisong, Piyawat Nordi, Kittikawin Prommachai, Eeshan Banerjee

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