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Durga Prasai Quiz

Welcome to our quiz journey! We’re delving into the amazing life story of Durga Prasai and his significant contributions to Nepal today. Prasai has gained fame for his fervent efforts to reinstate the monarchy and turn Nepal back into a Hindu nation. His actions have brought him into the spotlight and made him well known throughout Nepali families. However, fame also attracts attention and criticism. Some find his commitment to protecting cultural heritage admirable, while others think his ideals are divisive or outdated. Prasai encounters a cyclone of support and criticism on social media, which reflects the variety of viewpoints present in Nepali society. His support sparks spirited discussions on Nepal’s political system and cultural identity, illuminating the complex relationships between politics, religion, and social change. This is the quiz that will let you know more about Him. Now let’s get started!

Who is Durga Prasai?

Political activist



When did he established B&C Hospital?

2070 B.S.

2075 B.S.

2068 B.S.

When was Durga Prasai was born?

31 May 1971

5 May 1971

8 October 1971

When did he protected against the current federal democratic government?

10 Mangsir 2080

5 Mangsir 2080

7 Mangsir 2080

What prompted Him to collaborate with the Maoists regarding the property dispute with his wealthy in-laws?

His in-laws’ reluctance to negotiate.

Durga Prasai’s wife’s demand for property shares after marriage.

His father-in-law’s refusal to allocate property shares.

What was the outcome of Durga Prasai’s collaboration with the Maoists regarding the property dispute with his wealthy in-laws?

His in-laws agreed to give him a share of the property.

His wife withdrew her demand for property shares.

Durga Prasai was arrested for his involvement with the Maoists.

What profession did He pursue after returning from Europe?




What role did Durga Prasai play in the establishment of B&C Hospital?

Sole proprietor



Which sector did Durga Prasai venture into after selling some of the land he inherited?

Real estate



How did Durga Prasai initially finance his animal husbandry business?

Government grants

Bank loans

Personal savings

Tell us know in the comments how many did you correctly guessed. Congratulations if you answered them all correctly; if not, that’s okay too. Now that you know, more about Durga Prasai. The main purpose of this quiz is to teach you something new today.

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