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Dreamy Wedding Boutiques In Nepal

Believe it or not, the wedding season is here. It takes up an entire village to get the wedding done; although we may say that everything has been easier with so many facilities, hold that thought. It takes a lot of people for the wedding to be successful. But the bride and groom must choose their wedding dress for their D-day to be perfect. Today, we have come up with a list of dreamy wedding boutiques in Nepal. They have the best collection for you to choose from. They may not be affordable to everyone, but they sure are some dreams you could catch this season.

1 Oodni Boutique

Oodni New Collection
Oodni New Collection (Source: Instagram official page)

When it comes to weddings and boutiques in Nepal, Oodni must come first. They have the widest range of variety for any traditional function. It is the most dreamy wedding boutiques in Nepal and has a range of designs. You should check out their store, which is located at Kupoundole Lalitpur Road. Oodni Boutique has been in this business for so many years that their experience in this field will make you realize your dream design. You name it, from traditional classy handicrafts to stylish, trendy, fashionable bride and groom. You can check out their social media handle to get an idea.

2 Manish Rai

Manish Rai’s Raktavarana Couture (Source: Instagram official page)

The next designer has been on the lips of every bride-to-be. His works of art are just wow. His designs fit the bride and groom perfectly, like every stitch is moved for them. The names of the designers are none other than Manis Rai. His new winter bridal collection ‘Raktavarana’ is out. The color palate makes every bride unique on her D-day. His designs have always been bridal favorites. But with this new winter couture, the wedding look just gets elevated. His luxurious designs are something we all should look at this wedding season. Check out his social media handle for more details,

3 Sagar Magar Couture

Sagar Magar’s Groom Collection (Source: Instagram official page)

Sagar Magar Couture may have been a new name to the red attire world, but his designs for both the bride and groom made me include them on this list. He also designs your dream wedding dress according to your choice. He has his boutique in Baneshwor; make sure to visit his social media handle and his boutique personally. The best part about this boutique is their satisfied groom, well as a bride, you have to admit that it is his wedding too and he gotta look good too.

4 Népamode

Nepamode Sindoor Collection (Source: Instagram official page)

Nepamode Boutique’s collection exudes luxury and classical elegance and embarks you into a vibrant, school-regal wedding voyage. If you are going for the classy look, you should definitely check out their page. Their inspiration is from Nepali women’s married symbol, ‘sindoor,’ which is this season. This collection captures the perfect classy and elegant look you are looking for. No bride will have a dull wedding dress in their collection.

5 Affordable Sari-Kurthi Thrift Store

Affordable Thrift store (Source: Instagram official page)

If you are a bride who thinks an extravagant dress for a day is too much, then this store is for you. They have a whole Kathmandu thrift wedding dress collection and whatnot. Going thrift for your big day can be the best thing you want to then go for it. You should visit their store in Maitighar and keep updated on their social media handles. Affordable thrift store is not just their name, but that is precisely what they have in their products.


So, what do you think about the list of Dreamy wedding boutiques in Nepal this season? Believe it or not, the wedding season of all red is here. We hope you get the best dress for you on your D-Day. Make sure what other help we can do for you this wedding season so you can have fun and enjoy your time of life.

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