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Do You Know Who the First Miss Nepal Is?

Have you ever wondered about the origins of beauty pageants in Nepal? Who was the first woman to hold the prestigious title of Miss Nepal? Let’s delve into the captivating story of the beginning of Miss Nepal and her journey to the crown.

Miss Nepal

Beauty pageants worldwide have always sparked interest, fascination, and controversy. In Nepal, the Miss Nepal pageant holds a special place, celebrating the beauty, intelligence, and talent of young Nepalese women.

The Miss Nepal pageant focuses on the personality, intellect, and social impact of the contestants, not just their beauty. It includes different rounds like talent, beauty, and personality, where judges assess contestants based on their skills and abilities. The pageant’s winner goes on to represent Nepal in international beauty competitions like Miss World.

First Miss Nepal

Ruby Rana made history as the first-ever Miss Nepal in 1994. Despite initial reluctance from her family, Ruby dared to challenge herself at a very young age. Through rigorous rounds of interviews and talent showcases, her grace and intelligence shone, earning her the prestigious crown.

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Following her triumph, Ruby’s life underwent a dramatic transformation. Instantly thrust into the limelight, she became a media sensation and a beacon of inspiration for aspiring young women nationwide. Modeling opportunities flooded in, propelling her to the forefront of Nepal’s fashion scene, where she set trends and carved out a remarkable career path.

After Miss Nepal

Transitioning from the runway to the screen, Ruby Rana showcased her versatility by appearing as a judge in the debut season of Mega Model, Nepal’s adaptation of America’s Next Top Model. Beyond television, she ventured into acting, starring in the 2014 action flick “Hasiya” alongside renowned actors Rajesh Hamal, Anoop Bikram Shahi, and Hema Shrestha. Continuing her cinematic journey, she took on a supporting role in the 2018 romantic movie “Intu Mintu London Ma.”

Expanding her entrepreneurial endeavors, Ruby Rana is the proud owner of Ruby’s Collection, a boutique specializing in Nepali traditional wear.

In The End

Her beauty, grace, and advocacy stand as a testament to the power of women to make a positive impact on society. By talking about Ruby Rana, we celebrate not just a beauty queen but a true symbol of elegance, empowerment, and inspiration, while she continues to inspire us with her remarkable journey.

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