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Dayahang Rai: The Legend of Nepali Cinema

Dayahang Rai is also known as Kaji because of his famous movie Kabaddi series. He is renowned for having incredible acting talent. The public adores his films, and critics often acknowledge his natural acting abilities. He has worked in more than 40 Nepali films.

Who is Dayahang Rai?

Dayahang Rai is one of the most famous actors, directors, and playwrights. He was born in Bhojpur, which is a part of eastern Nepal. His mother, who grew up telling him many fairy stories, served as an inspiration to him. Dayahang began performing in school plays. Upon arriving in Kathmandu in 2001, he enrolled as a journalism major at the Nepal Maanawiki Campus, yet he struggled to perform well in college. After that, he turned his focus to theatre plays

Dayahang Rai
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Gaun Aayeko Bato

Dayahang’s most recent film, “Gaun Aayeko Bato,” achieved huge success. Various artists attended the grand premiere of the film on June 7th. The Nepal America International Film Festival, taking place from June 20 to June 23, starts with the film ‘Gaun Aayeko Bato’. The film has had its world premieres at several more film festivals, such as the Beijing International Film Festival, the Mumbai Film Festival, and many others.

Some of the famous movies include ‘Jaari’, released in 2023; ‘Mansarra’, released in 2024; ‘Fulbar’, ‘Ghampani’, ‘Appa’, and many others. These are a few of his movies.

In Conclusion

Dayahang Rai is a well-known actor, director, and playwright from Nepal who has made significant contributions to the nation’s film industry in addition to his natural acting ability. Having acted in more than 40 Nepali films, including recent successes like “Gaun Aayeko Bato,” he has captured the attention of viewers both in his own country and abroad. His trip from Bhojpur to Kathmandu shows his commitment to the art form, creating a lasting impression on Nepali cinema and serving as an inspiration to future generations of performers and directors.

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