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Dashain and Flying Kites

Dashain is Nepal’s grand festival. People get a long holiday during Dashain. This gives people a lot of free time to enjoy different fun activities. One of the favourite things to do during Dashain is flying kites.

It’s a big part of the celebration. Kite flying is a way for kids and adults to have a great time during the festival. It’s simple and fun, bringing everyone together to celebrate and have a good time. So, during Dashain, the skies are filled with kites, adding to the festive atmosphere and the joy of the holiday.

dashain and kids
Dashain and kids

Stories and Myth of Flying Kites in Dashain

During Nepal’s major festival, “Dashain”, kite flying is a precious tradition, especially among children. The word “Changa Chait” refers to the excitement of cutting another kite’s thread in what amounts to a kite fight. This activity raises a spirit of friendly competition as participants aim to fly their kites higher than others.

While the exact reasons behind this tradition were initially unclear, several beliefs are associated with it. Flying kites during Dashain is a way to communicate with ancestors and guide recently departed souls to heaven. It’s also believed to send a message to Lord Indra to stop the rain temporarily, helping farmers harvest their crops. Additionally, kites are used to convey joy and best wishes to friends and family.

Kites and sky
Dashain Kites in the sky

Reasons We Should Continue the Tradition of Kite Flying

The tradition of kite flying in Nepal goes beyond just entertainment as it is a powerful means of carrying forward centuries-old traditions to the next generation. This game offers an exciting connection to the past, ensuring its continuation for future generations.

Moreover, modern life is filled with workload and limits; flying kites provides a precious opportunity to step away and spend quality time with loved ones. During the Dashain Vacation, in particular, this tradition offers a relaxing escape. Kites also let us connect with nature, giving us a chance to get outside and appreciate the beauty of the open sky during the fall.

In recent times, kite flying has evolved into a competitive sport with various competitions. These events promote physical activity and competition, encouraging people to participate and try for victory while revelling in the festive spirit. This adds an exciting dimension to an age-old tradition, blending sport, culture, and connection to create an exciting experience for all.

At Last

Dashain, the country’s most significant celebration, provides a welcome break from daily routines, allowing people to engage in various recreational activities. One favourite tradition during this festive time, “kite flying”, brings joy to individuals of all ages. It symbolises the essence of togetherness and celebration, enriching the cultural diversity of Nepal. Dashain’s spirit soars as the kites take to the sky, creating lasting memories and cherished moments.

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