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Combat sports in Nepal: Scope and Condition

Combat sports also known as fighting sports is a form of sport involving one-on-one combat. the meaning of combat is simply battle or fight. Boxing, kickboxing, taekwondo, jujitsu, judo, and mixed martial arts are some of the popular combat sports prevailing around the world. Day by day, the craze for these sports is increasing among the youths of Nepal. This article tries to explore the scope and condition of combat sports in Nepal.

Scope and Condition of combat sports in Nepal

The condition of sports in Nepal has been a matter of controversy for very long. Sports like football and cricket make headlines in newspapers and many other social platforms time and again. Though the players of Nepal do not get the value they deserve both in terms of payment and reputation, at least a few players have been able to establish their name in their field. But combat sport in Nepal has been in the shade for very long.

combat sports in Nepal
fighting sports (judo)

Only the rarest of the rarest Nepalese can name the athletes indulged in any of the combat sports in Nepal. But fighting sports like MMA, kickboxing, and boxing are gradually gaining popularity and many Nepalese people genuinely seem to be interested in these fields. At present, we cannot neglect the development and promotion of combat sports in Nepal. But Nepal does have to fasten its pace to come out stronger in this sport. Though at the pace of a turtle, the condition seems to be progressing in Nepal since the young bloods are inclining their interest towards MMA, kickboxing, and boxing.

Initiatives for the development of combat sports in Nepal

Many associations are working for the development of combat sports in Nepal. Nepal Taekwondo Association, Nepal Kickboxing Association, Nepal Martial Arts Association, and WAKO Nepal are some of such associations. Additionally, many fight clubs in Nepal are established that primarily focus on providing fight lessons and training. 

Recent events for the development of combat sports

Recently, the Nepal Warrior Championship hosted Nepal Warrior Championship 2 (NWC 2), an MMA event on December 2023, and is on the verge of hosting NWC 3 in May 2024.  And the popular YouTube handle Paradygm tv live-streamed the event. It is a great initiative for the improvement of the condition and scope of combat sports in Nepal.

Nepal warriors championship 2

Recent accomplishments in international Platform

Recently, WAKO India conducted an OPEN International Kickboxing Tournament 2024 from February 7 to February 11. Nepal also participated in the tournament. Nepal bagged four medals in total; 1 gold and 3 bronze. Pukar Shrestha (K1- 63 kg category) won GOLD medal. Similarly, Summit Tamang (K1- 57 kg category) won bronze medal. Roshan Achhami (K1- 57 kg senior male), and Sajan Tamang (full contact -86 kg category) bagged the bronze medal too. Truly a commendable job.

kick boxing
OPEN kick boxing tournament

Roshan Achhami and Sajan Tamang have been taking training from the fight club located in Jadibuti. The fight club, founded by Suman Nepali, primarily focuses on honing skills in diverse disciplines. It gives lessons and training for MMA, kickboxing, boxing, wushu, and muay Thai. Such fight clubs can contribute a lot to producing trained fighters and bearing the flag of Nepal on the international platform. further, these kinds of fight clubs help in improving the condition and scope of combat sports in Nepal.


If explored properly, combat sports have a lot of potential to grow in Nepal. Nepalese, having the blood of brave Gurkhas, can prosper and foster in the field of combat sports. So, the government and concerned authorities should also make an initiative to develop this sector of sports if they want Nepalese sports to come out strong in the international arena. Lastly, the scope and condition of combat sports can be improved if we take proper initiatives for it.

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