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Celebrating Republic Day in Nepal: A Landmark in History

Have you ever wondered what it takes for a nation to transform its governance and declare a republic? In Nepal, Republic Day marks a monumental change. How did Nepal achieve this significant milestone, and how do Nepalis celebrate this historic day? Let’s explore the journey and the celebrations of Republic Day in Nepal.

What does it mean for Nepal to be a republic? According to the Cambridge definition, a republic is a state system where elected representatives govern without a monarch. Before 2008, only those born into the royal family could aspire to be the head of state. Today, we the citizens of Nepal can dream of becoming the president based on our merit and patriotism.

The Significance of Republic Day

Nepal marks Republic Day on May 28, 2008, the day of the Constituent Assembly’s first meeting. It ended the 240-year rule of the Shah rulers and brought in a new era by declaring Nepal a republic and ending a civil war that lasted for ten years. We celebrate Republic Day with patriotic sentiments and a variety of activities all around the nation on Jestha 15 of the Nepali calendar each year.

A Brief History of Republic Day

Did you know that modern Nepal came into existence in 1769? Over the centuries, Nepal experienced various forms of governance. Despite becoming a constitutional monarchy, King Mahendra suspended the constitution in 1960, establishing the Panchayat system. 

The People’s Movement in 1990 ended the Panchayat system, restoring the constitutional monarchy with democratic reforms under King Birendra. In 1991, Nepal elected a government for the first time in 32 years. However, dissatisfaction with the government led to the Maoist revolution, which evolved into a full-scale civil war. The Democracy Movement in 2006, led by a seven-party alliance, ended the civil war and integrated the Maoists into mainstream politics. Finally, in 2008, the Constituent Assembly declared Nepal a federal democratic republic, ending the monarchy.

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How Do Nepalis Celebrate Republic Day?

In Nepal, the main celebration takes place in the capital, Kathmandu, particularly at the Sainik Manch in Tundikhel. The day begins with a military parade, honoring the country’s unity and cultural heritage. On Republic Day, the nation honors the martyrs who fought for this change. Various government agencies organize smaller programs nationwide, reflecting the national spirit.

In The End

Nepal’s transformation into a republic brought new administrative structures, including seven provinces with provincial governments. This shift ended the century-long monarchy, establishing a federal republic.

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