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Celebrating Kaag Tihar

Citizens across the nation are celebrating Kaag Tihar today, which is the inaugural day of the Tihar festival. Kaag Tihar starts off this five-day celebration which is deeply rooted in Hindu tradition. People celebrate this day through the meaningful practice of offering food to crows, idolized as messengers of Yamaraj. The Hindu mythology associates Yamaraj as the deity involved with death and justice.

Rituals and Religious Significance

The religious belief tied to this ritual extends to presenting rice pudding to crows, viewed as a way to convey a positive message to Yamaraj. This custom underscores the cultural connection between the festival and the spiritual importance attributed to these birds.

A distinctive worship service unfolds during Kaag Tihar at the Kageshwari Mahadev Temple in Kageshwari Manohara Municipality, specifically in Ward no. 1. Another special crow worship ceremony takes place at the Kageshwari temple in Hanumandhoka.

Within the broader context of the Tihar festival, there is a profound belief system that assigns Yamaraj the role of delivering consequences to those who commit wrongdoings. Dharmaraj stands as the guardian of individuals who engage in virtuous deeds. This moral contrast makes the cultural and religious aspects of the festival more meaningful and interesting.

Crow is offered pudding
A crow is offered pudding on the occasion of Kaag Tihar

Ecological Significance

Furthermore, Kag Tihar assumes ecological importance by emphasizing the relationship between humans and nature. Celebrating Kaag Tihar is an example of the act of honoring and protecting all creatures, which is a symbolic gesture that fosters balance and biodiversity. In this way, the festival promotes a better harmony with the natural world.

Bottom Line

It is important to know the significance of the festivals we have been loving and celebrating, don’t you agree? With the occasion of Kaag Tihar, the awaited 5 day long festival begins! We would like to wish you and your loved ones all a very happy festivities. Enjoy the celebrations!

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