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Bringing back Iconic Rajesh Hamal Dialogues

“साथिको लागि यो हात सलाम छ दुस्मनको लागि यो हात फलाम छ” Do you remember this iconic dialogue of Rajesh Hamal? Rajesh Hamal is a legendary actor of Nepal. Are you even Nepali if you do not know Rajesh Hamal? Over the decades, Hamal has left an indelible mark on the film industry with his powerful performances and memorable dialogues. Let’s take a trip to nostalgia by bringing back the iconic Rajesh Hamal dialogues.

Iconic dialogues of Rajesh Hamal

1. “आगोलाई छुने प्रयास नगर टाढैबाट हेर, पोल्न सक्छ।” This dialogue of Rajesh Hamal represents threat. It means, don’t touch the fire, see it from far otherwise you’ll get burned. He is referring himself to fire who has ability to destroy someone who tries to disturb him.

Bringing back iconic Rajesh Hamal dialogues

2. “सज्जनको लागी राम, दुर्जनको लागी हराम DSP अर्जुन हु म।” This is the dialogue that Rajesh Hamal said when he played the role of DSP Arjun in a movie. He’s trying to threaten the goons with this iconic dialogue which means he is DSP Arjun, who is like God only to the good people. If someone commits bad deed, he can be worse than them.

3. “हे!! मान्छे हु मान्छे तर तँ जस्तो असुरको लागी शंकर, शंकर हुँ।” Rajesh Hamal when he played Shankar, said this iconic dialogue. Are you even Nepali if you haven’t heard this dialogue? This dialogue depicts the strength of Shankar. It implies that Shankar is a normal human but when it comes to the people who act like demon, he becomes extraordinary.

Bringing back iconic Rajesh Hamal dialogues
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4. “साथिको लागि यो हात सलाम छ दुस्मनको लागि यो हात फलाम छ।” This is another iconic dialogue of Rajesh Hamal. It represents his character’s loyalty and respect towards friends, contrasted with his unyielding strength and determination against enemies.

5. “भुक्ने काम त तँ जस्तो कुकुरको हो र जुन कुकुरले भुक्छ त्यो कुकुरले टोक्दैन।” This dialogue literally translates to “Barking is the job of dogs like you and the dog who barks seldom bites.” It means that the one who talks a lot cannot do anything. Action is more important than words.

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6. “जसले गरिबको इज्जत गर्छ त्यसलाई म ज्यान दिन्छु, जसले गरिबलाई अन्याय र अत्याचार गर्छ त्यसको म प्राण लिन्छु।” This iconic dialogue of Rajesh Hamal epitomizes the dual aspects of Hamal’s on-screen characters. It reflects his character’s deep sense of justice and compassion for the underprivileged.

7. “तँ जस्तो सिनो खाने गिद्दले शिम्बको शिकार गर्ने सपना देख्न छाड्दे।” This dialogue epitomizes the confidence and disdain Hamal’s characters often display towards their adversaries. It represents the fearless and dominant nature of his roles, where he plays the hero unafraid to confront and belittle those who dare challenge him.

8. “हे पापी मान्छेहरु गरिबलाई दबाउने दुस्साहस नगर, जसले गरिबलाई दबाउने प्रयास गर्छ त्यो जलेर भष्म हुन्छ।” This iconic dialogue of Rajesh Hamal epitomizes the themes of justice and retribution that are prevalent in Hamal’s films. It reflects his character’s deep sense of righteousness and his unyielding determination to stand up against oppression and injustice.

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At the End

Did you like our attempt to bring back the iconic dialogues of Rajesh Hamal? Rajesh Hamal is an icon of Nepali cinema. If your favorite actor is Rajesh Hamal, don’t forget to drop your favorite Rajesh Hamal dialogue. Let’s keep the spirit of Rajesh Hamal alive by admiring his dialogues.

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