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Brain Ticklers: Would You Rather?

Greetings from the land of difficult decisions! It is time to play a really hard game of “Would You Rather?” from our Brain Ticklers series. We will dive into scenarios that will make you question your reality. Let us explore the entertaining realm of selecting between the unusual and the intriguing. Are you prepared to make some funny choices? Ready or not, let the games begin! 

Would you rather:

Be famous for your talent

Be famous for a discovery

Would you rather:

Always be overdressed

Always be underdressed

Would you rather:

Spend the rest of your life trapped inside

Spend the rest of your life trapped outside

Would you rather:

Live one 1000-year life

Live 10 100-year lives

Would you rather:

Live in a world with no books

Live in a world with no music

Would you rather:

Have two left feet

Have three eyes

Would you rather:

Give up breakfast forever

Give up dinner forever

Would you rather:

Make a movie about your most embarrasing moment

Publish your personal diary

Would you rather:

Be on a dating reality show

Be on a reality survival show

Would you rather:

Have tons of mediocre friends

Have one loyal dog

The Verdict

How hard did you find to choose your answers in this “Would You Rather” series of Brain Ticklers? We did our best to make these choices as challenging as possible. This one is pretty fun to play in parties, we’ll tell you that! Don’t forget to share this quiz with your friends and family so you can tally your answers or maybe learn something new about them! Or better, let them make choices for you, and find out how well they know you. Thanks for participating in this quiz, and don’t forget to show us a little love! Happy weekend!

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