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Brain Drain Among Nepal’s High School Graduates

In recent years, Nepal has been facing a big problem known as brain drain. This happens when educated and skilled people leave the country to find better opportunities elsewhere. Recently, many high school graduates in Nepal are looking to go abroad for higher education and jobs. This article explores the trend of brain drain among Nepal’s High school graduates.

Why Are Students Leaving?

Many high school graduates in Nepal think that universities in other countries offer better education and facilities. While Nepal has good schools, students believe that a degree from abroad can help them get better jobs and more opportunities. Moreover, Nepal has fewer job opportunities and lower salaries compared to countries like the United States, Australia, and Canada. Many young people think they can have a better life and earn more money by working abroad.

Brain Drain Among Nepal's High School Graduates
source: Nepal database

Nepal often has political instability, with frequent changes in the government. This makes it hard for young people to plan their futures, so they prefer to move to countries with stable governments. There is a trend where studying abroad is seen as prestigious. Families encourage their children to go abroad for education, thinking it will improve their career prospects and social status.

    What Happens When Students Leave?

    When talented students leave Nepal, the country loses potential leaders, doctors, engineers, and other professionals who could help it grow and develop. Nepal spends a lot of money on educating students, but when these students leave, the country doesn’t get any benefit from their skills. Even though they send money back home, it doesn’t replace the value of having skilled workers in Nepal. When many students go abroad, local schools may have fewer students and less funding. This can make it hard for these schools to maintain high standards, causing more students to leave.

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    Brain Drain Among Nepal's High School Graduates

      How Can We Stop Brain Drain?

      1. Improve Education in Nepal: Investing in better facilities, teacher training, and modern curricula can make local schools more attractive. Partnering with international universities for exchange programs can give students global exposure without leaving Nepal.
      2. Create More Job Opportunities: Providing more jobs and better salaries can help keep young people in Nepal. Encouraging entrepreneurship and attracting foreign investments can create a vibrant job market.
      3. Ensure Political Stability: A stable government can make young people feel more confident about their future in Nepal. Good governance and policies that support long-term development are essential.
      4. Support Students and Professionals: Offering career counseling, mentoring programs, and professional networks can help students find opportunities within Nepal.
      5. Engage the Nepalese Diaspora: Encouraging those who studied or worked abroad to return and contribute to Nepal’s development can help. Programs that allow knowledge transfer and investment opportunities can be beneficial.
      source: Elev8


      The trend of brain drain among high school graduates in Nepal is a serious issue that needs attention. By addressing the reasons why students are leaving and implementing strategic measures, Nepal can work towards keeping its young talent. Ensuring that these young minds see a future in their homeland is crucial for the country’s sustained growth and development. Everyone – the government, schools, and society – needs to work together to solve this problem and ensure a prosperous future for Nepal.

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