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“Boksi Ko Ghar” Film Review

Recently released “Boksi ko Ghar” is gaining a lot of popularity and good reviews. The movie was released on 14th Baisakh 2081. It is running successfully to date. In the realm of Nepalese cinema, this movie stands out as a remarkable gem. It not only entertains but also delves deep into the societal issues that exists in our communities. The director of this movie is the visionary filmmaker Sulakshyan Bharati. With this film he tries to take audiences on a gripping journey of thrill. He has blended together the elements of social message, psychological thriller, and emotional storytelling. We’ve written a film review of “Boksi ko Ghar”, see if you agree with us or not.

boksi ko ghar

Social Message of “Boksi ko Ghar”

At its core, this movie addresses critical concerns in Nepalese society. It brings light on taboo topics including child marriage and witchcraft. Through its fascinating tale, the film encourages audiences to reflect on the terrible reality that many people suffer. Junu, the child actor, delivers a stunning performance that is one of the film’s highlights. Junu captivates audiences with her raw emotion and authenticity, portraying the complexity of her character with grace.


The storytelling in “Boksi Ko Ghar” is amazing. Director Sulakshyan Bharati expertly weaves past and current events together, resulting in a multilayered story that hooks the audiences till the end. This dual chronology method adds depth to the tale. It also strengthens the film’s emotional effect. Through its engaging storytelling and thematic depth, this movie sparks dialogue and awareness, ultimately leaving a lasting impact on its viewers.

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Keki Adhikari, Boksi ko Ghar

“Boksi Ko Ghar” goes beyond the limits of traditional cinema. It has a lasting effect on its viewers. As the story progresses, viewers experience an emotional rollercoaster ride. “Boksi Ko Ghar” succeeds in its ability to shed light on important social issues prevalent in Nepalese society. It has a heart wrenching story. The film serves as a platform for discussion and reflection, urging audiences to confront the harsh realities faced by many.

Critic’s Opinion

“Boksi ko Ghar” has faced some criticisms too. Despite its compelling narrative, this movie may leave certain viewers wanting more, especially those who are avid fans of horror. While the film incorporates elements of psychological thriller, it may not fully satisfy audiences seeking a more intense, horror-driven experience. Additionally, some also say that they were disappointed by the ending of this movie.

Boksi ko Ghar, film review


This was an honest film review of “Boksi ko Ghar”. In conclusion, this movie is a cinematic success. It transcends genre standards, providing a blend of social satire, psychological thriller, and emotional storytelling. This film, with its intriguing narrative, superb acting, and profound message, is a must-see for audiences looking for both enjoyment and enlightenment. So, will you watch “Boksi ko Ghar”?

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