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Best Nepali Chocolates: Made in Nepal

Welcome to the wonderful world of chocolate! If you are searching for the best Nepali chocolates made in Nepal, you have got yourself a treat. 

Columbus Chocolate, Azil Chocolate, The Chocolate Gardens, and Kharayo Bakes are some delights you should go for anytime, any day. The days of imported brands dominating the landscape are long gone. A new generation of Nepali chocolate brands has developed, ready to compete with their worldwide rivals.

These local chocolate makers have mastered the art of producing delectable chocolates that can easily compete with those worldwide. Whether you shop online or in person, these Nepali brands have a wide range of chocolate options that satisfy your chocolate cravings.

We’ve compiled a list of best Nepali chocolates products made in Nepal to assist you in navigating this delightful landscape. Prepare to go on a fantastic trip as you explore and discover

1 Muon Chocolate

Muon Chocolates currently offers a wide variety of tastes, including dark, semi-dark, and white chocolates. One of its unique items is oat chocolates, which are very good for sustaining stamina, especially during long treks.

Another noteworthy component of the company is its ability to create personalized chocolates. Ordering chocolates from Muon Chocolates is highly advise if you want it for a particular occasion, such as a birthday, anniversary, or graduation. Their personalized chocolates give a one-of-a-kind and exquisite touch to any event, making it even more unforgettable.

2 Chai Chai Confectionary

Sharmila Shrestha founded Chaichai Confectionary as a way to make the most of her free time, and it has grown into a local chocolate manufacturing company. Since beginning in 2021, the brand has built up a collection of over five delectable chocolate varieties, including bonbon, caramel, and lemon fruits.

Chaichai Confectionary’s chocolates are made entirely of pure chocolate, with no added ingredients. One outstanding aspect of these chocolates is their ability to melt on your tongue, delivering a smooth, delightful experience free of sticky residue.

3 Yeju Chocolate

Yeju Chocolate Nepal started in 2020 with a small collection of three chocolate types. However, it has since increased its offering to include an astounding assortment of more than 20 delicious options. Prices for these chocolates range from Rs 30 to Rs 400, catering to a variety of tastes and budgets.

This Nepali chocolate company separates itself by offering a unique and unusual feature: the option to personalize chocolates. With this one-of-a-kind product, you may express yourself by personalizing your own message on the chocolates. This adds a thoughtful and creative touch to your chocolate-gifting experience with Yeju Chocolate Nepal.

4 Chocolate Garden

The Chocolate Garden is famous for its wonderful chocolate selection, which includes a wide range of tastes that will make your taste buds dance with ecstasy. It is strongly advised that you indulge in these appealing delicacies. In addition to their wonderful chocolates, the Chocolate Garden also specializes in custom-made cakes.

You can get chocolates and cakes from The Chocolate Garden, whether commemorating a particular occasion or simply wanting to add sweetness to your life. Their cakes are physically appealing with graceful designs and offer a fantastic selection of unusual flavors that will leave a lasting mark on your eyes and mouth.

5 Nanas Delight

Nanas Delight offers an interesting set of chocolates, including semi-sweet dark chocolate infused with orange peel, roasted peanuts, and Himalayan pink salt, and a captivating blend of Himalayan Goji Berries and Roasted Almonds.

The gorgeous wrappers of this Nepali chocolate brand add to its charm. Each chocolate bar is wrapped in an intricately designed wrapper that catches the eye and adds visual joy to the chocolate experience.

6 Columbus Chocolate

Columbus Chocolates is a fantastic local chocolate company with a wide variety of tempting chocolate flavors worth trying. White chocolate, Himalayan delight, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate are among their most popular flavors.

Columbus Chocolates distinguishes itself not just by the delicacy of its creations but also by its commitment to health-conscious. Their chocolates are made with equal consideration for taste and nutritional content. Furthermore, Columbus Chocolates offers combo deals that allow clients to experience their variety of chocolate flavors. Their chocolates that are easily wrapped together in a single packet.

7 Kharayo Bakes

Gourmet brownies from Kharayo Bakes are an absolute must-try since they are their distinctive item. Kharayo Bakes offers a variety of delightful delights in addition to the brownies, such as energy bars, truffles, chocolate slabs, and choco balls. Customers may conveniently submit orders using the brand’s Instagram, and Facebook accounts to expedite the process.

Kharayo Bakes offers two product alternatives, each in a different box size. The box costs Rs 1,350 and includes an array of brownies with six enticing topping options. Coffee fudge and coffee beans, nutty nuts, oh oh, Oreo, coconut lamington, white chocolate and rose, peanut butter, caramel, sesame, twisted, and little hearts are among the toppings. Kharayo Bakes also makes eggless brownies for individuals who choose not to use eggs. Customers can also choose the half package, which costs Rs 750.

8 Bliss Balls

Bliss Balls creates and sells nutritious, round diet balls from dried fruits and nuts. The business claims that these balls provide a healthy snacking option by removing refined sugar from their formulation.

The handmade snacks are available in four flavors: bliss balls original, choco flame, pistachio punch, and Twist. Customers can enjoy these delightful options for Rs 690 to Rs 890 for a 200-gram bundle (equal to Rs 3,090 to Rs 3,690 per kilogram). I can simplay declare that these are the best Nepali chocolates that are made in Nepal.

Hope you enjoy!

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