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Basenji: An Immersive Nepali Thriller

The highly anticipated video game-style and also an immersive Nepali thriller, “Basenji,” is making its debut in theaters nationwide today. This is creating a buzz among moviegoers and enthusiasts alike. What sets this film apart is its commitment to delivering a unique narrative experience that draws inspiration from the world of video games.

The Cinematography of “Basenji”

In “Basenji,” viewers can expect to be immersed in a storytelling approach that emulates the interactive and dynamic nature of video games. A key feature of this approach is the innovative use of camera angles, seamlessly shifting between first-person and third-person perspectives. This technique aims to provide the audience with an unparalleled level of immersion and engagement. This makes it feel as if they are part of the unfolding events themselves.

The Premise

“Basenji” is an immersive Nepali thriller and horror film directed by Ian Scott Clement, an American citizen. Suraj Mainali of Gourishankar Entertainment produced the movie. The movie immerses viewers in the protagonist Prabesh’s perspective. This creates an immersive experience that makes events feel as if they’re unfolding right in front of the audience.

Asim Niraula brings the character of Prabesh to life, an individual who embarks on a compelling journey from Western Nepal to the bustling city of Kathmandu. This voyage is urged by the unfortunate circumstances surrounding his father’s dismissal. The dismissal is a consequence of his unwavering commitment to investigative journalism in the field of agriculture. 

Prabesh’s story takes an unexpected turn when he crosses paths with Akash. Supreme Rai portrays the character of Akash. This momentous encounter forever alters the course of the protagonist’s life. Akash, in a thoughtful gesture, advises Prabesh to seek refuge in a nearby village near Kathmandu. He encourages Prabesh to find solace and respite from the anxieties that have plagued him.

This decision to take shelter in the nearby village sets in motion a spine-chilling series of events that become the very essence of “Basenji.” These events are at the core of the film’s narrative, weaving together a gripping tale of mystery, horror, and intrigue. Prabesh and Akash become entangled in a web of unsettling occurrences that challenge their perceptions of reality and push the boundaries of fear and suspense. The village and its inhabitants become central to the unfolding drama. They serve as a backdrop for the eerie and unsettling experiences that Prabesh and Akash must navigate. All these elements make “Basenji” a thrilling and unforgettable cinematic journey for its viewers.

About the Director

Ian Scott Clement, a filmmaker renowned for his direction of the Nepali movie ‘Aapko Achar’ (Mango Pickle), is an up-and-coming talent profoundly shaped by the Nepali surroundings and lifestyle. 

After the triumph of ‘Aapko Achar’ (Mango Pickle), a project he co-produced alongside Suraj Mainali and Gourav Basnet, Clement ventured into co-writing and directing ‘Basenji’ under the aegis of Gourishankar Entertainment. 

This step signifies his continued commitment to exploring and contributing to the vibrant Nepali film industry. This is where he aims to bring a unique perspective to the forefront of cinema.

Cast and Characters 

“Basenji” stands out not only for its innovative narrative style but also for its stellar cast. The cast includes renowned actors like Mithila Sharma and Sarita Giri, occupying significant roles in the film.

With this ensemble of accomplished actors, “Basenji” promises not only a fresh and unique storytelling approach but also the exceptional talents of these seasoned performers. This will hopefully elevate the film’s impact and make it a must-watch for those who appreciate both innovation and top-tier acting in Nepali cinema.

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