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Basemark: Affordable Fashion for Young Women in Nepal

Shopping for clothes in Nepal can be challenging. High prices and low quality often make finding the perfect jeans or stylish dress difficult. Basemark, a lifestyle brand Aashish Pradhan and Sagar Pangeni started, wants to change that. They provide us with fashionable, high-quality clothing at affordable prices.

Start of Basemark Nepal

Five years ago, Sagar Pangeni, a seasoned clothing wholesaler, envisioned a store that provided affordable yet trendy clothing for us. Sharing this idea with his long-time friend Aashish Pradhan, the duo embarked on a journey to create Basemark. The first outlet opened in 2018 in Gongabu, Kathmandu. It has already attracted a steady stream of customers eager to explore its products.

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Quality and Affordability

Pangeni and Pradhan’s hands-on approach ensures Basemark’s products are both affordable and high quality. By purchasing directly from manufacturers, they cut out intermediaries, reducing costs and passing the savings on to us. This direct buying process enables Basemark to offer clothes and accessories at prices that are hard to beat in Nepal.

Targeting Young Women

Basemark mainly targets young women aged 13 to 25. While the store has a small men’s section, there are plans to expand it. Basemark also plans to add plus-size clothing and a children’s section to meet local market needs. Besides clothing, they sell various accessories such as scarves, bags, shades, and shoes.

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Understanding our needs is central to Basemark’s strategy. Pangeni and Pradhan constantly gather feedback to improve the store layout and product offerings. They stay updated on global fashion trends to meet the demands of fashion-forward Nepali youth. The founders personally select all items on display, ensuring a curated collection that appeals to their target audience.

Social Media 

Word-of-mouth and social media buzz, especially on Instagram, have driven the store’s popularity. With over 152k followers their Instagram page is a hub for outfit inspirations. Basemark has many outlets across Nepal, each with its own Instagram account to attract customers like us.

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