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Barned Toet Inspiring Young Journalist

Barned Toet, a renowned publisher and writer with years of expertise in international journalism, is in Nepal. Barned Toet, while inspiring young journalists, emphasizes the value of thought-provoking writing and research-based reporting in his special session at St Xavier’s College.

Toet has over fifty years of experience and has contributed to numerous notable media sources around the world. During the session, he discussed the fall of intellectuals in journalism when reporters failed to engage meaningfully with societal concerns and inequality.

Toet, the Editor-in-Chief of NEPALCONNECT, a platform that connects Westerners interest in Nepal with the Nepali diaspora. He highlights the need of rigorous research in making meaningful relationships with the target audience.

Chun Bahadur Gurung, Dean of the Faculty of Journalism at St Xavier’s College, expressed gratitude for Barned Toet inspiring interactive session with young journalist. While highlighting its impact on educating aspiring reporters about audience engagement tactics. The event, which featured a meet-and-greet with Fr. Dr Boby Joseph, S.J., Director of Loyola Campus. Who also offered significant insights into the changing world of journalism.

Barned Toet Inspiring Young Journalist
Barned Toet Inspiring Young Journalist
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